Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Status-Up Spark Rewards

During last week’s Global Spark Drop, thousands of players received allotments of Spark based on veterancy, engagement...

During last week’s Global Spark Drop, thousands of players received allotments of Spark based on veterancy, engagement, and Upland status. This marked the beginning of Spark as a means to reward engagement and progress in Upland, and we have a variety of plans to get Spark into the hands of our players. As such, we are excited to announce status-up Spark rewards to celebrate those who invest considerable time and effort into the Upland metaverse.

Today, we are launching status-up Spark rewards for the first time! As Spark is carefully introduced into the economy, its use to reward progress will require monitoring to ensure that each Spark injection matches macroeconomic planning. This is why status-up Spark reward values and recurrences will be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis.

At launch, status-up rewards will remain constantly activated for statuses of Director and above, while status-up rewards for Uplanders and Pros may be turned on only for certain periods. This current period will remain active for Uplander and Pro status-ups until Monday, June 21st, at 10:00 AM PT. Future opportunities to gain status-up rewards for Uplander and Pro status-ups will be announced in advance.

See below for details on how much Spark players can earn for leveling up.

  • Visitors to Uplander = 0.05 Spark
  • Uplander to Pro = 0.1 Spark
  • Pro to Director = 0.5 Spark
  • Director to Executive = 1 Spark
  • Executive to Chief Executive = 2 Spark; Players who wish to level up to Chief Executive will be required to update their app beforehand

Note: Players who level up over multiple tiers will receive the accumulated reward for each previous tier.

The ‘Chief Executive’ Status

Yes, you read that right, there is a new Upland status! Alongside this new program, the Upland team will be deploying a new tier above Executive called Chief Executive. Players can earn the Chief Executive status by accruing a >100M UPX net worth. Although there are already a few players who meet this criterion, this will be a very exclusive tier reserved for only the most dedicated players in Upland.