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Play. Earn. Connect.

Upland turns the world into a virtual game where you own the world you build! Here, your in-game assets have real-world value thanks to our digital economy built on the EOS blockchain. By playing Upland, you're taking part in the thrilling new frontier of blockchain gaming. In Upland, you don't just play for fun, you play to earn!

There's never been a better time to carve out a slice of the metaverse for yourself. We have big plans for our metaverse as it's sure to become a must-see experience for all.

Welcome to the Metaverse. Welcome to Upland!

What is Upland?

At its heart, Upland is a property-trading, city-building metaverse designed for players to explore cities, collect properties, and meet other Uplanders. But saying that is like saying the Empire State Building is just a skyscraper.


More than anything, Upland is a game where you buy, sell, and trade property. Uplanders explore cities to mint rare and unique property Digital Assets which can then be used to complete property collections or sold on the open marketplace. Our vision is to make Upland an immersive experience that goes well beyond becoming a real estate mogul. City tours, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, hidden pinatas, and live property auctions are just a few adventures waiting for you in Upland.

The vision for Upland is a fully-realized digital metaverse that blurs the lines of the physical and virtual worlds. Eventually, Upland will house arcades, marketplaces, businesses, exchanges, community governance, and much more!


Traditional games are unfair to the gamer. You're forced to invest your time, money, and energy into a platform that gives nothing back. You may just be playing to win, but you're also paying to play.

Upland seeks to shatter this mold with its "Play-to-Earn" gaming model. Players transact using the native game currency, UPX, to mint a variety of Digital Assets which are fully tradable on the open marketplace for both USD and UPX. While players can use USD to purchase and sell Digital Assets in the secondary market, UPX is the only currency used to mint most Digital Assets in Upland, which adds tremendous utility to the token. Thanks to our partnership with Tilia Inc., KYC'd Uplanders can sell their digital assets directly for U.S. dollars! This makes Upland one of the few games in the world where players have actually earned real-world money. To date, players have earned more than $1.5M playing Upland!


As much as Upland is a property trading game, it's a social experiment. One of the strongest things about Upland is the community of Uplanders. Tens of thousands of players contribute to a thriving community and are creating a metaverse culture driven by collaboration, competition, and innovation. We recommend joining Upland on Discord to see what both new and experienced Uplanders are up to.

There are also weekly Property Auctions and other events you should check out to get the most out of the metaverse. Our growing community is the lifeblood of our ecosystem, you can bet we'll be expanding in-game capabilities for players to connect and make lifelong friends in the metaverse.

Now that you know a little bit about Upland, it's time to jump into the metaverse and experience it for yourself! Be sure to check out the rest of our How-To Guide so you get the most out of Upland. You can also:

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