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Joining the Community

We recommend all players, especially if you are new or a seasoned veteran, to join our Discord community. It's one of the easiest ways to stay connected, communicate, and collaborate with other Uplanders. Our dedicated community is growing constantly and is a perfect place for beginners to find their footing and succeed in the game. The most proficient traders in Upland are active members of the Discord community, so don't miss out on the chance to learn from them!

Community Updates

Joining Upland’s official Discord server is essential to receive first hand information about Upland. Make sure you don’t miss the #announcements channel for features releases, event announcements, and more. Check out the #upland-updates channel if you're looking for regular updates on ongoing events and challenges. We recommend new players visit the #new-players channel to interact with veterans and newbies alike. All suggestions, feature requests, and feedback are welcome in the #feedback channel.

The Events Hub

The Events Hub on the Upland website serves as the headquarters for all activities in the Upland metaverse. Players can also access the Events Hub by clicking on the Calendar Icon in the main HUD. Staying up to date with the Events Hub is the best way to get all the latest news, announcements, and in-game updates.

Community Resources & Tools

Our community is truly unique as they've developed a variety of groups, guides, and tools to enhance the Upland experience. Navigate to our Community Resources page to learn about the various communities you can get involved in, as will as the tools that can aid your gameplay.

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