How to Guide


Traveling Between Cities

Flights are the main mode of travel between San Francisco and New York. To board a flight, send your explorer either to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) depending on your location.

Find the airport on the map, select a terminal, then in the popup window choose which terminal you want to send to. Capacity at terminals is limited every day. Once you have reached the airport, click the terminal icon nearest to you to open the Flights Menu. This will display available flights by type and destination.

Currently, the flight between SF-NYC costs 2,580 UPX and the duration is approximately 42 minutes. Once arriving, you can depart your plane, and enter the nearest city by selecting a minted property and sending to it (as you would routinely elsewhere).

In order to launch Fresno, we needed a convenient and inexpensive way for Uplanders to to travel to and from San Francisco (and other cities, in the future). This is why we decided to excited to introduce the concept of trains in Upland.

Trains function very similarly to airplanes, but are slower and less expensive (like the real world). In order to run a train system, Upland has train terminals in San Francisco and Fresno. To travel on a train, first send your explorer to a train terminal on the map. A popup window will then prompt you to choose which station you wish to travel to. Select the station, then sit back and relax and enjoy the journey!

Currently, a train ticket between SF-Fresno costs 95 UPX and the duration is approximately 25 minutes.