How to Guide


Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunting is a more novel way to enjoy Upland and make some UPX. There are three categories, or tiers, of Treasure Hunts: Standard, Limited and Exclusive.

  • Standard: everyone can participate for free once every 24 hours. After that, respawning costs 100 UPX. Race against the clock to find the treasure.
  • Limited: is open to both Visitor (freemium) accounts as well as Uplander and above.
  • Exclusive: open only to Uplander+ accounts. The treasure will not be a standard chest with predetermined UPX, but a piñata you need to tap the UPX out of!

Standard treasure hunts spawn at your request, but Limited and Exclusive spawn rapidly. The Treasures Menu will display a countdown when there are 5 minutes left to respawn.

Once a treasure hunt is “active”, the goal is to find it. Treasure are invisible until discovered. To find them, click on any minted property in the vicinity of your explorer and make sure the “Treasure” button is active in its menu. You should see “arrow hints” pointing in the direction of the treasure.

Hop from property to property to get closer. The arrows will change in size and color as you get closer. Once the treasure is in your explorer’s visual range, it will appear as a red dot on a property. You must bring your explorer close enough to it, at which point a window will pop up letting you collect you treasure.

Be quick – Upland Treasure Hunts are extremely competitive!