How to Guide

What is UPX?

UPX is the primary currency in Upland, and is used for a wide variety of purposes, such as minting properties, purchasing rare and unique NFTs in the Upland store, and powering your in-game activities such as sends, marketplace transactions, and more! The tremendous utility of UPX serves as the bedrock of the Upland Economy.

Is UPX a Cryptocurrency?

Upland's ecosystem is built entirely on the EOS blockchain, meaning roughly all actions within the game are real transactions which are then pushed to and recorded by the blockchain. Despite this, UPX is not a cryptocurrency by definition. Although the token lives on the blockchain, it is strictly a utility token used in-game to acquire NFTs. This means that UPX is not tradable outside of the Upland ecosystem. All in-game NFTs are, however, fully tradable.

Earning UPX

All players start with a small amount of UPX to help them acquire their first properties. Each property in Upland generates UPX passively at a rate of 14.7% of the base mint price. This means that if you mint a property for 100,000 UPX, it will generate 14,700 UPX over the next year. This rate can also be boosted by placing your properties in collections.

Players can also earn UPX by trading their properties and NFTs on the open marketplace once they achieve Uplander Status. Many players are able to mint properties and NFTs at their initial price and then sell them for a markup on the open marketplace; especially if they are a part of exclusive collections.

In addition, each time a player "sends" to your property, you will earn the fee that the user paid to complete their send; usually between 5 UPX and 100 UPX. Asking veterans for sends to your properties is a popular way for new users to start accumulating UPX. Send fees make owning properties in highly trafficked areas, like near airports, very valuable.

Acquiring NFTs with UPX

Even though UPX is not tradable outside of the game, that does not mean that your NFTs will not be. The future NFT Portal (currently in beta) will allow players to port their assets over to other worlds, blockchains (Ethereum, FLOW, and others), and ecosystems! This means that players can leverage the Upland marketplace to acquire exclusive NFTs, and subsequently sell them on a decentralized marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. All NFTs will be tradable within the game via future Metaventures (player-owned businesses). Property NFTs are already fully tradable (for UPX or USD) within the Upland ecosystem and support for other NFT types will be extended in the near future.

Purchasing UPX

Players can purchase UPX in the Upland Store using a Credit Card, PayPal, or Cryptocurrencies (Web-Only) by clicking on the "Get UPX" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.