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Completing Collections

Challenging yourself to complete collections is one of the best ways to “get your feet wet” in Upland. A collection is, as the name implies, a series of properties matching certain criteria or certain actions. Completing them, or the action associated with them, will grant you a one-time UPX reward. Additionally, so long as a collection remains complete, the properties in it will receive the listed UPX yield boost.

Let’s complete your first collection together if you haven’t already. Click on the “…” icon at the bottom of your screen to bring up your various menus and select Collections. Your first collection is the Newbie collection. The criteria states “Own any 1 property in Upland”. Once you have bought a property, click on Edit Collection and select the property there. Your collection will be complete, you will receive a nice UPX reward and notice that the property in that collection now has its yield boosted by 1.1X. The more serious collections grant rewards of over 10,000 UPX and can boost the properties in it by 2X or even 3X.

As the game operator, collections are something Uplandme Inc. decides ahead of time. This is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. In San Francisco, collections were set ahead of time and never changed nor were permanent collections added. Likewise in New York City, the collections were pre-encrypted on the blockchain. Anyone can easily see that the collections were determined in advance, by following the instructions found here.

The difficulty in completing collections has to do with the rarity of the properties needed for them. If you want to complete them all you'll have to join our Discord and start negotiating and trading properties with other Uplanders!