How to Guide


Moving your explorer

In Upland, your avatar is known as your “explorer” or “block explorer”. The block explorer wanders the city you are in randomly. Its path cannot be directly controlled and you will find that getting to the right location will sometimes be part of the challenge!

Around the map, you will find icons of paper airplanes. These can be picked up when your explorer is close enough – they are called “Sends”.

You can transfer your explorer to any minted property on the map at will, but this will cost you two things:

  • 1 visit fee: set by the owner of the property (between 20 UPX – 100 UPX per visit).
  • 1 “Send”: you get 3 Sends that recharge every 24 hours. You can pick up more along the map (a maximum of 40 within those 24 hours). And you can only hold a total of 11 at any given time. Confusing? Don’t worry, it will sink in once you try it.

To transfer your explorer, click on any minted property, then click the Send button. Alternatively, you can click on your explorer, and in the menu that pops up click the Send button.