How to Guide


‘What do I do?’

This is the most commonly asked question by new Uplanders. Here are the main ways in which you can currently interact with Upland:

  • Collect properties: every property in Upland is a non-fungible token, meaning they are uniquely minted on the blockchain and no two are the same. These are, in essence, “real” digital properties that cannot be duplicated. As Upland develops and expands, and many people spend more time in it, the novelty of simply owning and collecting properties you enjoy may grow on you. Perhaps you want to own the virtual location of a place that has sentimental value to you. On the other hand, we know of one Uplander who collects addresses that begin with the number “1” – I guess he really likes them. It’s really up to you!
  • Complete collections: in your Collections Menu, you will find collections that you can strive to complete. Each collection grants you a one-time UPX reward, a neat little badge in your personal profile, and a colored coin in your “UPX Stack” (part of your explorer/avatar). The starting collections are easier to finish, but you’ll find that the more challenging ones involving rarer properties will require you to bargain, negotiate and cut deals with your fellow Uplanders in order to acquire them.
  • Compete in challenges: time sensitive events that show up from time to time, which may include, for instance, owning the most properties in a certain neighborhood within 48 hours, or having the most trades by a certain date.
  • Participate in treasure hunts: there are three tiers of treasure hunts explained in the Treasure Hunts section. These are great for some immediate action or if you are feeling confident enough to snag some extra UPX before the other participants.
  • Participate in live events: these are challenges, contests and hunts we carry out on special occasions that span all of our social media channels and groups. Keep a sharp eye on our Twitter feed and join our Discord to stay informed.