NFT Explorer

Please read through the following submission details before submitting your Director Level Block Explorer.
  1. Policy on Block Explorer Stories (420 characters). Your block explorer story must be a simple, straightforward statement that is a minimum of two sentences long. This statement will be treated as an accompaniment to the image reference that explains the story behind your explorer. Any story that contains copyrighted material, drug references, hatred, weapons, nudity, or offensive references will not be accepted.
  2. Block Explorer Story Examples. To help you write your own block explorer stories, please look to the following examples for guidance.
  3. “Captain Crash is a singer/songwriter and frontman of the very underground rock band Captain Crash & The Magic Hats.”
  4. “My explorer is my dog, Vespa, who is a rescue from St Croix in the Caribbean. She is fast, alert, highly intelligent and affectionate. Rescues make wonderful companions. Support your local Humane Society!”
  5. Image references. Any images that contain copyrighted material, drugs, hate, guns, nudity, or offensive references will not be accepted.
  6. Policy on revisions. We will only do 1 round of revisions if the delivered block explorer clearly does not represent the image reference. The designers will be going directly off the image reference and not the Block Explorer Story.
  7. Policy on approval. When your block explorer is complete within 4-6 weeks, you will receive an email to the address associated with your Upland account. This email will contain options to either approve your explorer or request a revision round.
  8. If no response is received within 14 days, the block explorer will be automatically approved.
  9. Players reserve the right to submit a revision request. The revision request must be a clear statement that explains which specific elements of the image reference were missed and need to be included or edited in the block explorer. It will be the sole judgement of the Upland design team whether or not the revision request is warranted.
  10. If it is not warranted, the block explorer will be automatically approved after reviewing the request.
  11. If it is warranted, the block explorer will be revised and sent for final approval. Please note that it will not be possible to request further revisions beyond the first round, so the revision request must be comprehensive.