April 11, 2024

Announcing the Genesis 2024 Design Challenge in Upland!

We're thrilled to unveil an extraordinary opportunity for designers across the Upland universe: the Genesis 2024 Design Challenge! This is not just any competition—it's a chance for you to unleash your creativity, leave your mark on the vibrant world of Upland, and snag some fantastic rewards in the process.

Unique Structures

The introduction of Bermuda in Upland has ushered in a revolutionary feature: For the first time, unique buildings can be solely and exclusively linked to specific geographic locations, where only buildings of that particular theme are allowed to exist. This groundbreaking development allows for a level of detail and customization previously unseen. 

Inspired by this milestone, we're pushing the boundaries even further by narrowing our focus to individual neighborhoods. Now, not only will buildings be exclusive to particular locations, but we're also introducing the concept of neighborhood-specific structures. This means players can experience and contribute to the unique architectural identity of each neighborhood, enjoying access to buildings that are uniquely available within these specific areas, further enhancing the immersive experience that is Upland.

Your Creative Mission

This is where your creativity truly shines. For the contest, we invite you to design two new structure models. Here’s the exciting part—the winning design, selected by the Upland team, will unlock a greater opportunity. The victorious designer will be tasked with creating three additional models in the same theme, ultimately designing a neighborhood that exclusively features these distinctive models.

“Crafting your unique themed node in Upland offers boundless creative opportunities for our platform creators. Envision this space as your personal sandbox, where the rules are shaped by your chosen theme. I'm thrilled at the potential for innovation and creativity that our platform's creators will bring to these unique spaces.” - Jason Festa (Creative Director @Upland)

Your initial task involves designing two of the following structure types. These initial designs will set the direction and aesthetic tone for your entire neighborhood. Once a winner is selected and your designs are approved, you will then craft the remaining models in any combination you choose, completing a suite of five unique models for your new neighborhood.

Choose two of the following structure types to design:

  1. Apartment 15.2W(m), 38.8H(m), 16.3L(m)
  2. Luxury Modern House 21.5W(m), 8.2H(m), 26.8L(m)
  3. Luxury Ranch House 15.5W(m), 9.26H(m), 26.3L(m)
  4. Ranch House 12.2W(m), 6.44H(m), 9.29L(m)
  5. Town House 8.49W(m), 20.4H(m), 18.6L(m)
  6. M factory 53W(m), 12H(m), 53L(m)
  7. L factory 55W(m), 15H(m), 88L(m)
  8. Speedway 65.1W(m), 24.4H(m), 24.4L(m)

Initial Deliverables:

  1. Two NFT GLTFs*
  2. Two IPFS PNGs
  3. 2 Preview URLs
  4. 2 Titles & Descriptions
  5. 2 Color Palettes (Roof, Walls, Details)

 *The NFT GLTF model version is the only model required until submission is approved.

Upon Approval Deliverables: 5 models out of 8. Must include at least 1 factory.

  1. Full submission of five Models (NFT, LOD0, LOD1, LOD2, WIREFRAME, IPFS)
  2. Full submission of five Validator Report URLs
  3. Full submission of five Preview URLs
  4. Full submission of five Titles and Descriptions
  5. Full submission of five Color Palettes

*Please refer to the structure rules listed at the end of this post.


  • Submissions Open: Wednesday, May1st at 9 AM PT
  • Submissions Close: Tuesday, May 21st at 9 AM PT

The completion of the remaining five structure types will only occur after the winner is announced live in Las Vegas at Genesis Week on Friday, June 7th. The winner will then have 8 weeks, until Friday, August 2nd, to submit all of their designs.


The winning designer will receive:

  • 5 free properties in the newly crafted neighborhood, ready for you to call your own or to develop further. These will be delivered after all submissions have been completed.
  • 5 Spark to fuel your creations and bring even more of your ideas to life within Upland. This will be delivered in the week following Genesis Week in Las Vegas.

Get Started

Now is the perfect time to start brainstorming and sketching your visionary designs. With more details on the way, including a sign-up form and a link for submissions, stay tuned and get ready to transform your concepts into reality.

We're eager to witness your creative journey as you take on this challenge and encourage you to share your evolving ideas and designs. Don't forget to tag @Upland in your posts—we can't wait to celebrate your creativity!

This is your moment to shine in the Upland community, to be recognized for your creative prowess, and to earn rewards that reflect your hard work and innovation. We can't wait to see what you'll bring to the neighborhoods of Upland. Let the Genesis 2024 Design Challenge begin!

Structure Rules:

  • Structures must contain at least one entrance.
  • Structure entrances must not be covered or blocked.
  • Each submission requires a 100% Report URL generated from the Model Validator.
  • NFT, LOD0, LOD1, LOD2, WIREFRAME, and IPFS files are required.
  • The model does not contain 'gaps' or 'tears' when zoomed in.
  • The model does not contain 'pixelated' or 'blurry' areas when zoomed in.
  • The model does not use any official Upland branding or iconography.
  • The model does not use any official Miles illustration or iconography.
  • The model is not overly similar to existing Upland items without having an existing manufacturing plan that details a similar item.
  • The model is not something for which you require permission to sell.
  • The model does not include excessive text.
  • The model does not include any signage.
  • The model does not include any animals, trees, bushes, rocks, or plant life.
  • The model does not include any power for electricity items, running water, fire, or fuel.
  • The model does not use any original IP, characters, brands, or entertainers.
  • The model does not contain any defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or violence.
  • The model does not use any drug or criminal references.
  • The model does not use any gambling or financial references.
  • The model does not intentionally disrupt a player's experience.
  • Transparent materials are not allowed

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