April 4, 2023

Applications are Now Open for Speedway Metaventures

[UPDATE 10.31.23]

Based on player feedback, we have made a few modifications to the Speedway Metaventure Structure Application Requirements. Please review these changes before submitting your application to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria for approval.


Rev your engines and get ready to race because Upland is taking racing to the next level with Speedway Metaventures! Speedways will allow players to design and construct their very own race tracks throughout the streets of Upland. Starting today, players who meet the application requirements can apply for a Speedway Metaventure! This exciting addition is just the beginning of what’s to come for Upland Racing.

Speedway Metaventure Application Details 

Before applying for a Speedway Metaventure it is important to understand the requirements a player needs to meet in order to get approved. Two significant requirements are having a specific amount of Spark at the time of application and owning a certain number of properties on the path of their race track. If a player does not meet these requirements for the Speedway, they will not get approved. 

Medium Speedway Structure Application Requirements [UPDATED as of 10.31.23]

In the future, Speedway Structures will be available in a variety of sizes. However, in Phase 1 of Speedway Metaventures, applications will only be open for the Medium Speedway Structure. Please follow our Medium Speedway Structure requirements list closely to maximize your chances of approval. Successful applications will need to meet all of the requirements listed below. 

General Requirements

  • The applicant must have a minimum of 1.0 Spark at the time the application is submitted. 
  • The applicant must own at least 4 Properties (1 at the starting line and 3 additional properties along the race track). None of these properties can be listed for sale during the review process or your application will be denied. 
  • The applicant cannot have multiple active applications with the same starting line address. 
  • The applicant must complete KYC identity verification before submitting the application.
  • The applicant status must be an Uplander or above. 
  • The applicant cannot be in Alcatraz. 

Track Name Requirements

  • The applicant’s track name does not contain any hate speech, violence, aggression, profanity, or derogatory/inappropriate text. Additionally, the track name cannot feature the word “Upland” or any other IP.
  • The applicant’s track name must be 20 characters or less (including spaces, and no special characters) and unique from other track names and applications. 

Other Requirements

  • The applicant’s track must be located in an existing Upland city.
  • The applicant’s track must meet the track length requirements allowed by the Speedway Structure (Minimum track length of 1 mile and a maximum track length of 2.5 miles for the Medium Speedway Structure).
  • The applicant’s track must remain as a closed loop. No part of the track may overlap with another part of the track.
  • The applicant’s property that will be used for the Speedway Structure needs to be directly adjacent to the starting line of the race track. This property must be big enough to fit the size of the Speedway Structure (Medium Speedway Structure is 37 UP2). The Speedway Structure must also be horizontal to the road. 
  • The applicant must agree to pay monthly Venture Dues once they are implemented (Upland’s dynamic model of operating fees for Metaventures).
  • The applicant's track path must be one-directional and should not use the same road simultaneously for multiple paths. (Please refer to the images below for examples of allowed and prohibited track paths)

Left image displays allowed track paths and right image displays prohibited track paths.

  • The starting line for the applicant’s track path must be positioned along a straight section of the road, directly adjacent to their Speedway Structure. To help you visualize this, please refer to the image below. In the image, the red line marks the portion of the road where the starting line should not be placed, while green line shows the area where the starting line is allowed.

Medium Speedway Structure Details

In addition to the application requirements, it is important to understand the dimensions of the Speedway Structure and its features. The Speedway Structure is significant as it serves as the starting point for the race track and establishes the maximum race track length. The Medium Speedway Structure will take 25,000 Spark Hours to complete, has a size of 37 UP2, and permits a race track length of 1 to 2.5 miles. Check out the image below to get a preview of the Medium Speedway Structure. 

How to Map out the Medium Speedway Race Track

Below are detailed steps on how to correctly map out the Speedway for the application. 

Step 1: Open Geojson.io in a web browser. 

Step 2: Navigate the map view to the location where you want to build your track.

Step 3: Use the “Draw Linestring” tool on the right to define a set of points that will be used to create the closed-loop track. 

  • Click on a location on a street where you would like the starting line for the race track to be placed. Important Note: Players will need to own an Upland Property at this location to build the Speedway Structure.
  • Continue clicking along the roads to map out the rest of the race track while ensuring the length of the race track meets the minimum (1 mile) and maximum (2.5 miles) length that is supported by the Speedway Structure. Important Note: Players will need to ensure that the race track runs alongside at least 3 additional properties that they own (the number of additional properties needed is based on the size of the Speedway Structure the player is building).
  • Complete the closed track by double-clicking on the first point. This will link the last point to the first point.

Step 4: Choose “Save->GeoJSON” from the top left of the screen to create a .geojson file that will be submitted with the application. Please rename the geojson file as “Player’s Speedway name”.geojson. 

Check out X1theGamer’s YouTube video on how to map out a Speedway Race Track on Geojson.io

Submitting a Speedway Metaventure Application

Once a player has ensured that they have met the Speedway Structure application requirements and created their race track using Geojson.io, they can proceed to submit their application. Players can submit their Speedway Metaventure applications below. 

The Upland team will notify applicants via email of their approval or denial for a Speedway Metaventure within 8 to 12 weeks of submitting their application. Upon approval, the Upland Team will assign the Speedway Structure on the property where the player wants the starting line of race track. Following this, the player will be able to initiate construction of their Speedway Structure and stake Spark.  

We kindly ask for your patience during the application review processing period, as it takes time to review each submission. 

Click here to submit your Speedway Metaventure Application

How will Speedways be Shown on the Map

After the completion of the Speedway Structure, a black colored dot will appear on the Upland map, marking the starting line of the race track. Clicking on this dot will center the map on the Speedway Structure itself, which will allow you to access the following information:

  • Overview of the race track
  • Length of track
  • ‘Join Race’ button

(Map View)

(View of Speedway Structure when selected)

The Future of Speedway Metaventures

In the future, Speedway owners will be able to earn royalties from every race run on their Speedways. During Phase 1 of Speedway Metaventures, there won’t be Ventures Dues until this feature has been implemented. We will provide more information in the next phase of Speedway Metaventures.

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