April 10, 2023

Apply for a Map Asset Factory

Have you heard the news? Outdoor Decor just got a fresh new name, and are now called Map Assets! Outdoor Decor can be more than just decorative accessories for your properties, and we feel that “Map Assets” is more true to their flexible nature. Starting today, we are opening up applications for eligible players to run their very own Map Asset Factories and produce user-generated assets. This is a significant milestone for Metaventures, and we are excited to see what our wildly talented community will create! 

Map Asset Factory Application Details

Players must meet all of the requirements below in order to qualify for a Map Asset factory. For this Metaventure type, any size factory will be allowed, but we will not be able to accommodate factory transfers if a player decides they want to upgrade to a larger factory. Please carefully consider which size of factory you want to apply with.

The Upland Team will review all applications and email applicants about the status of their submission within 8 to 12 weeks of submitting their application. If one or more requirements are not met, the process will be delayed further and all players will be notified via email. Please note that submitting multiple applications will result in a longer processing period for the review of your application. We kindly ask for your patience during the review process as it takes time to carefully evaluate each submission.

Are you ready to operate your own Map Asset Factory? Please carefully read all requirements before submitting an application. Remember that ALL requirements must be met to be approved.

Map Asset Factory Application Requirements

Successful applications will meet all the requirements listed below. Please follow our requirements list closely to maximize your chances of approval.  

  • The applicant must have a fully-constructed Factory structure (Any available factory size) at the time of submission. The Factory property cannot be part of another Metaventure or Metaventure application. Property with factory may not be listed for sale or in offer.
  • The applicant must have a minimum of 5 Spark at the time of application. 
  • The applicant must be ready to share (via a form) a manufacturing plan, including Map Asset 3D model names and descriptions. This includes the maximum number of mints of each Map Asset and its compatible structures (i.e., type of buildings). More details can be provided at a later date, but we need to understand the plan.
  • The applicant must complete KYC identity verification before submitting the application.
  • The applicant status must be an Uplander or above. 
  • The applicant cannot be in Alcatraz. 
  • The applicant must agree to pay monthly Venture Dues (Upland’s dynamic model of operating fees for Metaventures). 
  • The Metaventure name submitted in the application cannot include the word “Upland” or any other IP.
  • The applicant must agree to the capacity limitations per factory size as shown in the chart below. The applicant acknowledges they will not be able to request a factory move later. 

If approved for a factory, players will need to submit all Map Asset designs individually for approval. Designs often go through multiple rounds of review before making their way to a player’s factory for production. No specific turnaround time can be guaranteed for a model. The submission link will be shared upon a factory application being approved. When models are approved and before they are made available in a player’s factory, Upland will share the Spark hour cost to produce each asset.

Head to your neighborhood City Hall to apply for a Map Asset Factory and to start your journey!

Map Asset Design Guidelines

Here are some additional guidelines to help model submissions: 

  • Models must reflect the real world.
  • Models should not contain fantasy-based elements.
  • Models should mimic the style of structures within the city’s real-world location. 
  • The scale, footprint, and height of each model must all match the real world.

Finally, all models must pass Upland’s QA Checklist included in the Submission Form. 

Model Documentation

The following documentation outlines the 3D model specs to follow when creating Map Asset Content for Upland’s Metaverse Super-App. Also, we created a video tutorial for step-by-step instructions. 

Watch the Map Asset Video Tutorial

Model Objects 

  • No Light objects 
  • No Camera objects 
  • No Empty objects 
  • No Animation objects 
  • One single mesh 

Model Positioning 

  • Origin: [0, 0, 0] 
  • Scale: [1, 1, 1] 
  • Rotation: [0, 0, 0] 
  • Max X Offset (width): 0.01 
  • Max Y Offset (height): 0.01 
  • Max Z Offset (length): 0.01 

Model Materials 

  • Ambient Occlusion must be baked in the main material (Avoid flat color or non shaded areas) 
  • Material Alpha (opacity): 1.0 
  • Roughness and metallic value could be change if it matches with the characteristics of the model 
  • No duplicated materials 
  • Texture format: JPEG 
  • Texture map must be baked 

Model UVmaps 

  • Do not leave unused areas 
  • Avoid stretched images 
  • If the model is symmetrical or has any repeated mesh or shape, these should be overlapped  
  • Include a 10px bleed for the UV islands 
  • Any UV island with flat colors/textures should be overlapped 
  • Keep UV island size relatively scale according to the actual size of the area (Even texel density)  
  • Avoid any stretched or curved sections for cylindrical shapes UV map

Model Requirements 

Blender File 

  • Include all the texture images, fonts, Hdri used (In Blender: file-> External Data-> Automatically pack into .blend) 
  • Model should only use quads, no n-gons or unnecessary triangles allowed 
  • Duplicated materials are not allowed 
  • Texture: 2048 x 2048 
  • Triangles: < 10,000

GLTF Files 

GLTF characteristics 

  • File type: GLTF - (GLB not allowed) 
  • GTLF jpg texture image should be compressed  
  • Transform Y Up 
  • Mesh should include tangents, normals, UVs  
  • Compression level = 6


  • Outdoor Decor: 1 Material mandatory 

Size Limitations 

  • Outdoor Door: Maximum Height 6 meters  
  • Outdoor Door: Maximum Width 17 meters  
  • Outdoor Door: Maximum Length 17 meters 

Other Requirements 

  • File type: GLTF 
  • File size: < 10MB 
  • Triangles: < 10,000 max 
  • Texture: 1024x1024 (recommended) or 2048x2048 
  • Materials: 1 
  • Emissive: 0.0 
  • Roughness: 1.0 
  • Metallic: 0.0

Metaventure Community 

We are excited to review all the Map Asset Factory submissions and kindly ask for your patience during the review process. Our Metaventure community in Upland has exploded, with 260 live Metaventures and more applications pouring in each day. This demonstrates the strong desire of our players to develop digital businesses in the metaverse, which is a big part of Upland's player-owned and operated economy. If you've been considering launching a web3 business, now is the time to do it with plenty of room for your Metaventure to thrive.

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