June 20, 2022

Block Explorer Shop Expansion

The Block Explorer Shop Beta has expanded and 40 new Block Explorer Shops have opened! Starting today, players can visit the new Block Explorer Metaventures operated by Uplanders across the metaverse. Players can also work with Block Explorer shop owners to list their own UNFTs as Sub-Merchants. Be sure to update the Upland app to view all the new Metaventures.

Additional Block Explorer Shops

40 More Block Explorer Shops are now available in Upland! These 40 new Metaventures join the existing 10 Block Explorer Shops and 40 NFLPA Fanshops, bringing a total of 90 Metaventures to Upland. As with all Metaventures, the new Block Explorer shops are denoted on the Upland map via orange POI markers. At the appropriate zoom level, the shop itself will appear with signage for the shop’s name, as well as a floating purple pawn atop the structure. Players can enter the shop to browse the owner’s inventory of Block Explorers to preview or make a purchase. 


Sub-merchants for All

Don’t have your own shop yet? Partner with a Block Explorer or NFLPA Fan Shop to list your UNFTs for sale in their store as a Sub-Merchant! To have an item listed for sale, send your Block Explorer to a Metaventure and tap the “List My [NFT]” option to initiate the listing process. Once you complete the listing process and your item is accepted by the Metaventure owner, your item will be listed for sale! Please keep in mind that Metaventure owners have variable options such as listing fees and time periods so be sure that you understand all the terms.

We are excited to be able to expand the Block Explorer Shop Beta as we move closer to a full release that will enable all players to apply to open their own shops. Metaventures continue to progress with NFLPA Fan Shop Beta owners recently opening their doors and ongoing development of the Outdoor Decor closed beta. Now get out there and browse the new shops to find your favorite Block Explorer!

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