April 15, 2024

Blossom Map Assets Exclusive Sale Announcement

We’re thrilled to share an exciting opportunity exclusively for participants of the recent Blossom Ornament Bundle sale—a special UPX ONLY Blossom Map Asset Sale! This limited-time offer is your gateway to not only acquiring a unique Blossom Season Map Asset but also a chance to win a coveted property in the fantastical island of Bermuda.

Exclusive Access

Only those who have purchased at least one Ornament Bundle during our previous sale are eligible for this exclusive event. Each purchase will grant players one of six random Blossom Map Assets. These assets are designed with a retro-futuristic aesthetic, perfect for enhancing your Upland Blossom property theme.

Every purchase isn’t just an expansion of your asset collection—it also grants you an entry into a special drawing. Three lucky participants will win a property in Bermuda, expanding their real estate portfolio to one of the most exclusive locations in Upland!

Sale and Drawing Details:

Registration Start: Monday, April 15th from 8 AM PT.

Sale Start: Tuesday, April 16th at 9 AM PT.

Price: 10k UPX.

Quantity: 900

This exclusive sale is a fantastic opportunity to grow your holdings with both stylish assets and a chance to own prime real estate in Upland’s newest exclusive region. Don't miss out! 

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