April 2, 2024

Blossom Season Ornament Bundle Sale and Special Events

[Edit 4/4/24] - Updated Map Asset visuals with new names
[Edit 4/3/24] - Added a clarifying note about sets being distinctive.

As the Blossom season unfurls in Upland, we're thrilled to bring our players an exciting opportunity to enhance their gaming experience with the Blossom Ornament Bundle Sale

This unique offering is designed to immerse players further into the retro-futuristic vibe of the Blossom 2024 season, featuring an array of ornaments and block explorers that echo this theme. 

Ornament Sale and Challenge

To kick things off, we remind our players about the ongoing Ornament Challenge. With weekly winners drawing for spark, participation is key, and what better way to jump into the competition than with some new Blossom ornaments

These are not just any ornaments; they're your ticket to potentially winning spark and adding an exclusive touch to your collection of structure ornaments. Remember, each bundle comes with one Structure ornament and one random block explorer.

Bundle Sale Details

Registration Opens: Tuesday, April 2nd at 8 AM PT

Sale Opens: Wednesday, April 3rd at 9 AM PT

Price Range: $14 - $20 USD

The Retro-Future Burn

Collect these distinctive and stunning block explorers, or opt to burn them for rewards. Burn the specified combination of Block Explorers below to unlock prizes.

Gold Set: Earn 75k UPX, 0.1 Spark, a wearable, and a chance to win one of 10 props in a new city opening during Blossom Season.

GearGrazer, Bolt Brain, Ironbloom, Voyager Sets: 75k UPX, a wearable, and a chance to win one of 10 props in a new city opening during Blossom Season (Stay tuned for more Details).

Copper Set: Includes 50k UPX and a chance to win one of 3 props.

Cobalt Set: Includes 35K UPX and a chance to win one of 2 props.

Mauve Set: Includes 20K UPX and a chance to win 1 prop.

Note: Sets are distinct, requiring players to burn each set individually to claim their respective reward.

Retro-Futuristic Map Assets Unveiled

Additionally, anyone who purchases at least one bundle will gain access to an exclusive Blossom Season Map Asset UPX ONLY sale. This special sale not only allows for the acquisition of unique map assets but also includes an exciting drawing where three lucky players will win a property in the newly exclusive Bermuda. For each UPX purchase, participants will receive one random retro-futuristic Blossom season map asset. Each purchase also will get you 1 entry into the property drawing

Sale and Drawing Details

Registration Start: Monday, April 15th at 8 AM PT

Sale Start: Tuesday, April 16th at 9 AM PT

Price: 10k UPX

Availability: Exclusive to those who purchase a Structure Ornament Bundle

Note: The dates for the Map Asset sale may be adjusted. Should any changes occur, we will provide an update.

Important Cut-off Dates

  • Thursday, April 11th, 9 AM PT: Deadline to Burn Block Explorers
  • Friday, April 12th, 9 AM PT: Deadline for ornament purchase to qualify for the map asset sale
  • Wednesday, April 17th, 9 AM PT: Deadline for map asset purchase to enter the Bermuda property drawing

This Blossom season, seize the opportunity to amplify your Upland adventure with these unique offerings. Whether you're eyeing the exclusive rewards, aiming to enhance your game with retro-futuristic aesthetics, or simply looking to expand your asset portfolio in Upland, there's something for everyone in this season's lineup. 

Happy exploring, and may the Blossom season bring you fortune and fun!

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