March 27, 2024

Blossom Season Unveils: Exclusive Mystery Drops Await in New Season Pass!

As the Blossom Season approaches, we're gearing up to unveil a series of exciting announcements to introduce you to what's new this season. Keep an eye out for more details on the Blossom Season in the days ahead. For now, let’s explore the details of the Blossom 2024 Season Pass.

Season Pass

The Season Pass in Upland is a pass designed to grant players access to weekly cosmetic item drops throughout the duration of the Blossom season. These cosmetics offer players additional ways to personalize their in-game appearance and assets, promoting a greater sense of individuality within the community. 

To participate, players simply purchase the Season Pass for $6.99 and activate it by "burning" the pass in their account. This one-time activation ensures eligibility for all weekly drops of the season. The Season Pass also comes with a season-specific badge, enhancing the player's in-game prestige.

Price: $6.99
Start Date: Wednesday, March 27th, at 9 AM PT

Availability: All Season Long
Total Mystery Drops: 7

Note: Immediately accessible on Android and the web, with iOS availability following within the next 24 hours.

Each week, a snapshot of eligible players is taken at 9 am PT on Tuesday. Only players who have activated their Season Pass (burning it) by this time will receive that week's cosmetic drop. A single pass burn per season is sufficient to secure all subsequent weekly cosmetic items.

Key Features 

  • Exclusivity: The items received through the Season Pass are unique to each season and cannot be obtained in any other way.

  • Non-Tradability: It's crucial to note that these cosmetic items are not NFTs and are tied directly to the player's Upland account, meaning they cannot be sold or traded.

  • Mystery Drops: Cosmetic items are dropped every Tuesday, and the specifics of these items remain a mystery until the drop, adding an element of surprise and anticipation.
  • Irreplaceability: If a player misses a weekly drop, there is no way to obtain those items in the future, making each cosmetic drop a now-or-never opportunity.

Last Season’s Highlights

In the previous season, Upland introduced a variety of new cosmetic items, including Animated Block Explorer Overlays, Speech Bubbles, Block Explorer backgrounds and both standard and animated Property Card Backgrounds. These items were exclusive to the Season Pass holders and are now unattainable, underscoring the unique value of participating in each season’s offerings.

The Season Pass offers Upland players a unique, time-sensitive opportunity to acquire exclusive cosmetics, enriching their gaming experience and personalizing their in-game presence. 

Make sure you act quickly to ensure you don't miss out on any of the mystery drops, each adding a layer of rarity and distinction to your Upland persona!

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