November 23, 2022

Compete in the NFLPA Triple Threat Challenge

Put your Legits to work by competing in the NFLPA Triple Threat Challenge! To participate, all you need to do is complete the “Triple Threat” collection for any team by 5:00 PM PT on Thursday night. Then, we’ll score each Uplander based on how their Legits perform in this week’s games! The top 50 Uplanders with the highest Collection Scores will win UPX and Spark.

How to Play

Competing in the “Triple Threat” Challenge is simple. Just pick 3 of your favorite 2022 Legits (Essentials or Mementos) and place them in a “Triple Threat” collection for any team. The more collections you fill the more chances you have to win! Each Legit in the collection will receive a “Legit Score” which will contribute to the overall “Collection Score.” Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Open the “Quick Menu” by clicking on the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the “NFLPA Legits”
  • Now, click on “Collections”
  • Next, select any team to open its Collections
  • Open the “Triple Threat” Collection
  • Pick 3 of your favorite Legits and lock in your Collection by 5:00 PM PT on Thursday Night (you can change it back after the snapshot if you so choose)

Once the games have concluded, we will share the results with the community in an update to this post next week!

Note: The Leaderboard scores the Triple Threat collection for ALL teams, meaning players can compete for multiple teams if they so choose!


Each Legit will receive a score based on the stats for that player during the current football week. For example, if you use Quarterback this week, its Legit Score will be based on the statistics for Week 12. Each of your 3 Legits will be scored individually, and the combination of those 3 scores will make up your Collection Score. The Leaderboard will look like this:

Legit Type Multipliers

Part of the strategy of the Triple Threat Challenge is knowing which Essentials or Mementos to use. Mementos–and eventually Replicas–will multiply the Legit Score to give you an advantage based on which Legits you use. Mementos will increase your score by 50% and Essentials will earn the raw Legit Score. 

  • Essentials: No Bonus
  • Replicas: 20% Bonus (To Be Added Later)
  • Mementos: 50% Bonus

You may have Essentials for higher-performing players, but the Memento bonus on a lesser-quality player could tip the scales! In other words, choose your Legits wisely…

Fire Stat Multipliers

Fire Stats are one of the most unique aspects of Legits and distinctly set Mementos apart from their non-fire stat counterparts. As such, Legits will receive an additional multiplier based on the number of Fire Stats each chosen Memento has. 

  • 1 Fire Stat: 10% Bonus
  • 2 Fire Stats: 20% Bonus
  • 3 Fire Stats: 30% Bonus
  • 4 Fire Stats: 40% Bonus
  • 5 Fire Stats: 100% Bonus

Using Legits with Fire Stats is another way to gain an advantage on the competition! The most competitive Uplanders are likely to seek out current-season Mementos with Fire Stats to give themselves a leg up.

Legit Score Calculator

Unlike some of our other events, the Triple Threat Challenge won’t have a live leaderboard, as the results won’t be published until the following the week after each weekend’s games. To help players understand how they’re doing, we’ve linked a Legit Score Calculator below so players can calculate their own scores while they wait for the final results. Click the link below to make a copy of the calculator and view the complete scoring model.

Click Here to Make a Copy of the Calculator


Like any other good challenge, the Triple Threat Challenge will have several UPX and Spark prizes at stake! Check out the breakdown below to find out what you can win by competing.

We’re very excited to be testing out the Triple Threat Challenge for the first time! As with all new events, scoring models and formats are subject to change, and we’ll be actively monitoring this even to determine if any changes are needed. Thank you all and best of luck in this week’s challenge!

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