November 16, 2023

Exciting Enhancements Come to Upland's Racing Experience!

Attention Upland Racers! 

We're thrilled to introduce a significant update set to elevate your racing experience in Upland. This update aims to enhance the strategic aspects of your races, focusing on improvements in speed dynamics, braking during turns, skidding on tracks, track searchability, and various other minor enhancements.

Keep reading for a comprehensive rundown of all the exciting enhancements that have been added to Upland Racing!

What’s New

Enhanced Speed Dynamics

We've meticulously fine-tuned car speeds, ensuring a more immersive and thrilling racing experience. Each race promises more heart-pounding moments and strategic maneuvers.

Smarter Braking in Turns

Get ready for more skillful racing! Cars will now automatically adjust their speed when navigating turns. This change challenges racers to plan their moves strategically like a true racing pro.

Skidding on Tracks

Watch out for skidding! Players going too fast around corners on the tracks will now experience skidding. This occurs primarily when boosting too close to a turn, having excessive speed in the turn, or swiftly switching lanes in the turn. When skidding happens, players will notice visual effects such as a significant decrease in speed, a red speedometer, fishtailing of the vehicle, and a "Skidding" label displayed above the top of the vehicle.

3D Models Intersecting Tracks

While racing 3D Models like Buildings, Map Assets, and Vehicles that intersect with a track will no longer be displayed during races. This is a temporary solution, and we'll provide additional updates on this matter in future releases.

Track Searchability

Looking for specific tracks in Upland? We've introduced a new search bar in the "Tracks" tab of Interactive Racing, making it easier for players to locate one of the 97 tracks or 87 Speedways to race on!

Why This Rocks

Exhilarating Fun

Get ready to dive into the thrill of the new racing dynamics, making every race a lively spectacle and each victory even more exhilarating! 

Increased Strategy

With variable speeds and smarter braking, every decision you make on the track takes on newfound importance. Your strategic prowess will truly shine through.

Fair Play

These incredible improvements level the playing field, ensuring that skill and strategy remain at the heart of every race. It's all about fair, fierce competition!

What to Expect

This update is now available for you to enjoy, offering a more immersive and thrilling racing experience. We recommend familiarizing yourself with these new dynamics on different tracks before diving into high-stakes races.

We believe these enhancements will not only make Upland's Racing more fun but also more engaging and competitive. As always, we're dedicated to evolving the game based on community feedback and our vision for the ultimate virtual racing experience.

So, buckle up and get ready to experience Upland Racing like never before!

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