March 22, 2024

Exciting News: Introducing Bonus Flash Missions to Upland!

[Update 03/22/24] - We've encountered a system issue with the new in-game Flash Missions feature, leading us to postpone the leaderboard contest originally scheduled for this weekend. We'll announce the new start date as soon as possible, likely sometime next week.

We're thrilled to bring a brand-new feature to the Upland community: Bonus Flash Missions! Over the next few days, prepare to dive into a thrilling adventure as we roll out this dynamic new way to play and earn rewards in Upland.

Flash Missions

Flash Missions are time-sensitive, random challenges in Upland, offering in-game rewards like UPX for completion. 

As soon as a Flash Mission starts, you'll receive a notification on your phone—ensure your Upland notifications are enabled to get these alerts. Upon receiving a notification, enter Upland to uncover all the specifics, such as its requirements, duration, and the rewards available. These details are accessible in the mission center, within the "Bonus Missions" tab.

A Competitive Twist

The launch of Bonus Flash Missions introduces a new and exciting competition. From today until March 25th at 9AM PT, players will have the chance to compete for a waterfront property in Lake Tahoe complete with a vehicle for easy access to this dream destination!

Missions will be released randomly, one at a time, throughout the days leading up to the deadline. Each mission will have a different amount of points to award, with these specifics visible in the mission's description within the mission center.

Players must complete each mission as swiftly as possible to accumulate points. The goal is to gather the highest number of points in the shortest cumulative time for all missions. The player who secures the most points in the least total time, will win the grand prize.

Within the next 24 hours, a link to the leaderboard will be shared in the #live-updates channel of the in-game chat, and it will be updated twice daily. The leaderboard will initially show total points, with the time component being added and finalized once the deadline passes.

Ready, Set, Go!

This is your chance to shine in Upland. With attention, agility, and speed, you could be the lucky winner of a beautiful South Lake Tahoe waterfront property. So, keep your eyes peeled, stay on your toes, and let the Bonus Flash Missions begin!

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