November 5, 2023

Exciting Surprise: Upland Expands to London's Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea!

[UPDATE 11.13.23]

London Expansion Collections have been revealed! 


Brompton & Hans Town | Own 3 properties in Brompton & Hans Town in London                           

Campden | Own 3 properties in Campden in London

Chelsea Riverside | Own 3 properties in Chelsea Riverside in London


Kensington High St. | Own 3 Properties on Kensington High St. in London

King's Rd. | Own 3 Properties on King's Rd. in London

Portobello Rd. | Own 3 Properties on Portobello Rd. in London


Get ready, Uplanders, because the excitement is about to reach a whole new level! Brace yourselves for a surprise London expansion, and guess what? It's happening in the next 24 hours!

That's right, you heard it correctly! This London expansion is set to take place on Monday, November 6th, at 9 AM PT and will bring ~25,000 properties to 18 new neighborhoods in London’s Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for to expand your property portfolio in this iconic British city. Don't let this thrilling venture slip through your fingers! Be there on the dot, and let the London expansion adventure begin! 

London Expansion Details

To assist you in preparing for the upcoming surprise London Expansion, we've included a map and other essential information below. Please take the time to review all the details so you can be well-prepared for the expansion and begin your journey to London!

London Expansion Map

For this London Expansion, we will be opening up 18 new neighborhoods in London’s Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. On the map below, the orange-highlighted areas show the expansion neighborhoods, while the green-highlighted areas indicate the neighborhoods that have already launched in Upland. 

Here are the list of neighborhoods part of this expansion:


London Expansion Information

Expansion Opens: Monday November 6th, at 9 AM PT

Total Number of Expansion Properties: ~25,000 properties

% of FSA Properties: ~1.10%

Number of New Neighborhoods: 18 

New Collections: 6

New Landmarks: 8

  • Victoria and Albert Museum - 2 CROMWELL RD
  • Royal Hospital - 6 ROYAL HOSPITAL RD
  • Kensington Palace - 7 KENSINGTON GARDENS
  • Science Museum - 23 EXHIBITION RD
  • Natural History Museum - 4 CROMWELL RD
  • Chelsea Old Church - 64 CHEYNE WALK
  • Debenham House - 8 ADDISON RD
  • Holy Trinity Church - 146 SLOANE ST

London Expansion Collection Reveal

On Monday, November 13th, at 9 AM PT, we’ll reveal Collections that are a part of this expansion. As collections may alter a property's price, make sure to double-check your marketplace properties before the reveal to ensure you don’t sell them below the collection-modified value. It may be safer to temporarily remove them from the marketplace before the information is public and the Collections are revealed.

Important Note: All Collections to this city expansion will be tokenized before the release and will remain unmodified. As cities continue to expand, additional Collections will be tokenized in this same process to meet the required Collection ranges for each city’s tier. Not all Collections tokenized are necessarily for the current expansion.

London Expansion Collection Reveal Schedule 

London Expansion Collections will be revealed through the following process.

  • Right before the Collection Reveal at around 8:55 AM PT, any unminted properties in the London expansion areas that are part of Collections will be locked. 
  • At 9 AM PT, we will reveal the London expansion Collections and the Collection Key (which allows players to confirm the Collection on the blockchain) on Discord, In-Game Chat, and as an update to this post. 
  • Unminted properties that match the announced London expansion Collections will then be repriced according to the corresponding Collection level they match.
  • At around 9:30 AM PT, we will unlock the unminted properties part of the London expansion Collections for minting.

London Travel Routes Guide

Take a look at the London travel routes guide below to help you plan your trip effectively and ensure you arrive on time for the expansion! 

Now that you have all the details, it's time to pack your bags and head to London. We can’t wait to see all of you Uplanders back in the United Kingdom’s largest city for this exciting surprise expansion!

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