March 24, 2023

Experience Blossom Season with Jacky Tsai’s Showroom

[UPDATE 3.27.23]

We have discovered a technical error with the maximum supply of the Jacky Tsai Blossom Season Structure Ornaments that were recently sold. To correct this mistake, we will produce and manufacture a new batch of Jacky Tsai Blossom Season Structure Ornaments with the correct maximum supply. The items will be manufactured in Jacky Tsai’s factory and be available for purchase in his showroom, as planned. In addition, we will be decreasing the amount of total mints for the Micro House Structure Ornaments (see updated chart below). 

Please note that items with mint numbers that were purchased as part of the initial batch will not be available for purchase in the coming sale. We will provide the opportunity for current buyers to swap their pre-purchased mint for the same one, in the modified sale. The swap will be available in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details about the swaps.


Blossom season has sprung in Upland! Say goodbye to frosty chills and hello to balmy breezes as the blossoms burst into bloom. The air is alive with the sweet scent of colorful flowers, and Upland is embracing the season by letting you spruce up your buildings with stunning Structure Ornaments inspired by the springtime splendor. But wait, it gets even better! Jacky Tsai, the artist extraordinaire, along with other players have launched their own Showrooms in Upland. Players can use the new Metaventure Directory to find these new Showrooms! 

Blossom season will officially start on April 3 and end on May 2. So don't forget to deck out your buildings with the most beautiful Blossom Season Structure Ornaments you can imagine! 

Jacky Tsai Showroom Details

To kick off the Blossom season, Jacky Tsai is one of the first to manufacture Structure Ornaments in Upland. Jacky Tsai has now opened his own Showroom where players will be able to purchase Blossom season Structure Ornaments inspired by the art Jacky Tsai has shown in galleries and exhibits around the world. 

Jacky Tsai is a celebrated contemporary Chinese artist known for his unique style that seamlessly blends traditional Chinese motifs with contemporary pop art. His Halloween Sale in Upland was a massive success and sold out quickly, so be ready to grab Jacky Tsai's Blossom season Structure Ornaments at his Showroom when they become available! 


List of Seasons in Upland

With Jacky Tsai being one of the first to manufacture Structure Ornaments, we would like to encourage other players to start brainstorming their own ideas for Structure Ornaments to bring to life in Upland. For inspiration, you can use the new Metaventure Directory to find Factories where players are planning their Structure Ornament lineups. Let's follow Jacky Tsai's lead and get creative! Below is the list of seasons in Upland for reference. 

Carnaval: January 30 - February 28

World’s Fair: March 1 - March 30

Blossom: April 3 - May 2

Genesis: May 15 - June 13

Festival: June 22 - July 21

Sunburnt: August 1 - August 30

Harvest: September 1 - September 30

Haunted: October 10 - Nov 8

Wonderland: December 10 - January 8 

Get ready to decorate your buildings in Upland with Blossom season Structure Ornaments!

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