March 28, 2024

Fantastical Facades: The Isle of Ingeniously Impossible Buildings!

[Update April 1st 2024] - Bermuda is LIVE! (and sold out)

We're thrilled to announce that the first batch of properties in Bermuda is now available for minting!

To those who doubted and thought the opening of Bermuda was just an April Fools' prank, guess what? April Fools!

This highly sought-after event attracted thousands of players, but with only a few hundred properties available, securing one was a remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the fortunate individuals who succeeded in minting amidst intense competition!

To all who arrived at Bermuda prior to its opening today, congratulations! You've earned an exclusive Bermuda badge, a token commemorating this unique event. Keep an eye out, as it will be distributed later this week.

Missed out? Don't worry! This is just the beginning. We're planning more openings in the future, and we'll share all the details well in advance. So, stay tuned for more chances to grab your piece of Bermuda.

Either way, Happy April Fools!!


Buckle up for a journey into the fantastical, as we're about to reveal something so wondrously outlandish, you'll be questioning your own reality. Say farewell to the familiar landscapes of rural architecture and hello to a new era in Upland: welcome to Bermuda, our inaugural voyage into the realms of pure fantasy

Imagine shores kissed by surreal tropical suns, buildings crowned with candy-colored rooftops that defy every architectural norm, and palm trees that sway to the rhythm of imagination itself. This isn't just a departure from the ordinary—it's an invitation to a world where the only boundary is the horizon of your dreams. Bermuda is where fantasy becomes your new reality, if you dare to find the way, on April 1st.

Bermuda: A Nexus of Mystery and Marvel

Nestled within the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle, a region shrouded in tales of mystery and disappearances, Bermuda emerges as a beacon of wonder. It's a locale where the impossible becomes possible, inspired by the triangle's storied history of lost ships and aircraft.

The island boasts architectural marvels so fantastical, so unprecedented, that they must be seen to be believed. These uniquely magnificent structures, born from the island's mystical energy, can only exist here, in Bermuda, due to its intrinsic connection to the Bermuda Triangle.

Mark Your Calendars: The Grand Opening

Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other, as Bermuda officially opens its doors on Monday, April 1st, 2024, at 9 AM PT. For those eager to witness history in the making, travel to Bermuda will commence earlier in the day through airport terminals starting at 6 AM PT.

Sales at the terminal will take place following the initial launch of Bermuda. Details regarding this will be shared in a forthcoming announcement, stay tuned for more information.

This gives adventurers a brief window to arrive and prepare for a minting opportunity that promises to be as historic as it is fantastical.

The initial opening will feature only a few hundred properties, laying the groundwork for what will later blossom into a vibrant city. Given the enigmatic allure surrounding this launch on April 1st, collections will be introduced at a later date and won't be visible in-game or on the blockchain until then. Nor will it include treasure hunting at launch, emphasizing the island's distinctiveness and the unparalleled nature of its offerings

Why Own a Piece of Bermuda?

Owning property in Bermuda is a venture into the extraordinary. Positioned at the edges of the Bermuda Triangle, the island's properties are a testament to uniqueness and creativity. These structures stand as a bold declaration that in Bermuda, the wonders of architecture and design know no limits. With more astonishing and unique structures planned for the future, Bermuda offers an opportunity to be part of a living, evolving fantasy.

Be advised, the allure of Bermuda comes with a price. Anticipate spending a significant amount of UPX to secure one of these exciting properties. Yet, for those who venture forth, the reward is a stake in one of Upland's most mesmerizing and imaginative landscapes.

Embark on the Journey to Bermuda

April 1st marks not just the opening of an island but the birth of a legend. Ready yourself to be part of this historic event. Prepare for the enchantment, the mystery, and the unparalleled beauty of Bermuda. 

Join us as we step into a realm where fantasy and architecture dance under the mystic skies of the Bermuda Triangle!

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