May 19, 2023

Genesis Week 2023 In-Person Rewards

Genesis Week 2023 is just around the corner, and we're thrilled to announce the fantastic rewards awaiting Uplanders who join us at the in-person event in Las Vegas! Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we unveil a plethora of exclusive rewards, including Block Explorers, Wearables, Properties, and much more. 

But that’s not all! In addition to the enticing rewards, attendees will have the opportunity to network and connect with fellow Uplanders, exhibitors, designers, and the Upland Team. The in-person event will feature a live city opening, engaging panel discussions, presentations by the Upland Team, an awards show, live music performance, and other engaging activities! 

Don't let this incredible opportunity slip away. Secure your tickets now and join us in Las Vegas for Genesis Week 2023! 

Genesis Week 2023 In-Person Reward Details

We're excited to announce the exclusive in-person rewards for attendees of Genesis Week 2023 in Las Vegas. These rewards are specifically for those who join us at the event. To claim these rewards, players must be physically present in Las Vegas.

If you can't attend the in-person event, don't worry! You'll still have the opportunity to win other rewards through challenges and giveaways held during Genesis Week. 

Note: To be eligible for these in-person rewards, players must level up their account to at least Uplander. It’s also important to note that purchasing multiple tickets will not result in receiving multiple rewards. 

Early Bird Attendee SuperFest ‘23 Drums Block Explorer

The SuperFest '23 Drums Block Explorer will be rewarded to attendees who purchased an Early Bird Genesis Week ticket. 

General Admission Attendee SuperFest ‘23 Guitar Block Explorer

The SuperFest '23 Guitar Block Explorer will be rewarded to all attendees. If you purchased an Early Bird ticket, you’ll receive both the Superfest ‘23 Guitar and Drums Block Explorers upon attending. 

Genesis Week Back-to-Back Block Explorer

The Genesis Week Back-to-Back Block Explorer will be rewarded to attendees who have attended both Genesis Week 2022 and 2023. 

Genesis Week Tie Dye Wearable

All attendees will receive the Genesis Week Tie Dye Wearable as a reward, allowing them to dress up their 3D Avatar in Genesis Week merchandise. 

Property in the Upcoming City Release

At the in-person event, there will be a live city opening, and all attendees will receive one property in the soon-to-be-announced city. These properties will be located in a dedicated node created exclusively for the attendees. We’ll announce the new city release as we get closer to Genesis Week.

In-Person Giveaway at Genesis Week 

Each in-person attendee of Genesis Week will be automatically entered into a live giveaway, providing them with the opportunity to win one of the following prizes listed below. 

  • Exclusive Stock Car Pro Series Race Cars 
  • Low Mint MV Motors Cars 
  • Genesis Week Go Karts 
  • Early Beta Cafe Access
  • … and more!

Genesis Week Grand Prize Coming Soon

In the coming week, we’ll reveal the Genesis Week Grand Prize! This exclusive reward will be a one-of-a-kind prize, given only to one lucky Uplander during Genesis Week. The grand prize isn’t limited to in-person attendees, so all Uplanders will have a chance to win. We’ll provide more details on how to win the Genesis Week Grand Prize soon, so stay tuned for updates. 

Curious about what’s inside? Get ready for the highly anticipated big reveal next week! 

Genesis Week Tickets

Are you excited about these rewards for Genesis Week? Don't miss out, get your tickets now and join us for the in-person event in Las Vegas! We can't wait to celebrate Genesis Week with all you Uplanders!

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