June 2, 2023

Genesis Week 2023 Treasure Hunts

All you treasure hunters, get ready for the Genesis Week 2023 Treasure Hunts! Prepare to put your treasure hunting skills to the test in the Master Hunter Challenge and the new Genesis Tier. The Genesis Tier will appear randomly throughout each city in Upland for 2 hours at a time. Claiming a treasure in the Genesis Tier will automatically win you the “Equalizer” Block Explorer! Additionally, every treasure you find via Treasure Rush will contribute to the Master Hunter Challenge, which offers UPX and Spark rewards, the “Facemelter” Block Explorer, and an entry into the Genesis Week Grand Prize Giveaway for a chance to win the highly exclusive “Genesis Totem.” 

So, gear up and get ready to start your treasure hunting adventure to maximize your chances of winning! Read on to ensure you are prepared for the Genesis Week 2023 Treasure Hunts!

Genesis Tier

The Genesis Tier will be available from Monday, June 5th, to Friday, June 9th. Each day, the Genesis Tier will randomly appear in a city within Upland for two hours. If you successfully locate and claim one of these treasures, you will automatically win the Genesis '23 Equalizer Block Explorer as a reward.

Note: Rewards will be dropped manually, please allow for a few days for rewards to arrive.

Once a player claims a treasure, they will be placed on a cooldown for the remainder of the tier’s duration. This will allow for healthier reward distribution and ensures a greater variety of winners; which is why we’re not telling you where the tier will spawn ahead of time.

Treasures will spawn in random cities at the following hours: 

  • 6 AM PT
  • 9 AM PT
  • 1 PM PT
  • 5 PM PT
  • 10 PM PT

The city location of each Treasure spawn has been designed to be far away from the previous location to prevent players from chasing all of the treasures. 

Genesis Treasure Tier Rewards

Below are the rewards players will receive for finding a Treasure. The UPX reward amounts are based on the city's treasure hunting tier. 

  • Tier 1 Treasure: 5000 UPX + Genesis ‘23 Equalizer Block Explorer 
  • Tier 2 Treasure: 4000 UPX + Genesis ‘23 Equalizer Block Explorer 
  • Tier 3 Treasure: 3000 UPX + Genesis ‘23 Equalizer Block Explorer 
  • Tier 4 Treasure: 2000 UPX + Genesis ‘23 Equalizer Block Explore
  • Tier 5 Treasure: 1000 UPX + Genesis ‘23 Equalizer Block Explorer

Treasure Rush Details 

The Genesis Treasure Rush will begin with the first instance on Monday, June 5th at 12 PM PT, and the last instance will start on Friday, June 9th, at 12 PM PT.  Each day, three different cities will have the Treasure Rush mode activated. In this mode, Uplanders are challenged to spawn and collect as many treasures as possible in the 15-minute period; no sends will be consumed while hunting. The more Treasures you find, the higher you will place on each City’s leaderboard.

How to play

When the Treasure Rush mode is active in a city, you can start your 15-minute Rush anytime from the Treasures tab in-game. Hunt for treasures as you typically would and send your Block Explorer around the city to locate the hidden Treasure. As you hunt for Treasures in this mode, no Sends will be used (though you will still need to pay Send/Visitor Fees), and rewards are dynamic, based on the treasure hunting tier. Most times, you will find a Grey Genesis Treasure Chest with a small amount of UPX, but occasionally may find a Mystery Bonus Treasure Chest with a large amount of UPX! Each time you find a Treasure, pay a small fee (10 UPX) to spawn the next Treasure and continue hunting. Keep finding treasures until the timer expires, and see how you compare to other top Treasure Hunters on city-specific leaderboards!

Each instance of Treasure Rush has an associated challenge that displays how many treasures each player collected during that particular instance. For example, if Treasure Rush is active in Los Angeles, there will be a leaderboard showcasing all the Treasure Rush treasures collected in Los Angeles.

Treasure Rush Schedule

Monday, June 5th, at 12 PM PT

  • Kansas City
  • Queens
  • San Francisco 

Tuesday, June 6th, at 12 PM PT

  • Arlington
  • Bronx
  • Las Vegas

Wednesday, June 7th, at 12 PM PT

  • Chicago
  • Staten Island
  • São Paulo

Thursday, June 8th, at 12 PM PT

  • Detroit
  • Rio
  • Santa Clara 

Friday, June 9th, at 12 PM PT *Will not count towards Master Hunter Challenge*

  • Los Angeles
  • Birmingham 
  • Brooklyn

Treasure Rush Rewards

In addition to the UPX from Treasures you collect during your Treasure Rush, the top hunters on the leaderboard will be rewarded with UPX and Spark! Each city’s instance has its own leaderboard, so there are plenty of chances to show you are the best Treasure Hunter! The leaderboards for each city can be found in-game under the Challenges tab. Rewards for the Treasure Rush are based on the city tier and are outlined below. 

Note: UPX will be awarded at the end of the Treasure Rush instance, and Spark will be awarded shortly after Genesis Week.

The Master Hunter Challenge Leaderboard

Show your skills as the ultimate Treasure Hunter by competing for the top spot on the Master Hunter Challenge Leaderboard! Not only will you earn bragging rights, but being the top hunter on the leaderboard will earn you an entry into the Genesis Week Grand Prize Giveaway for a chance to win the one-of-a-kind, highly exclusive "Genesis Totem." The Master Hunter Challenge will start on Monday, June 5th at 12 PM PT and ends on Friday, June 9th at 12 PM PT.

This leaderboard counts how many Treasures you have found in the Treasure Rush Mode throughout Genesis Week. The more Treasures you discover, the better your chances of securing a place in the top 100 players to win rewards. If you manage to secure a spot within the top 50 players on the Master Hunter leaderboard, you will receive the exclusive Genesis '23 Facemelter Block Explorer as a reward. To increase your score and improve your chances, it is recommended to participate in multiple Treasure Rushes across various cities.

To access the Master Hunter Challenge Leaderboard, navigate to the Challenges tab within the game. The leaderboard will display the rankings of all participating players, allowing you to track your progress and see where you stand in the competition.

Check out the full Master Hunter Challenge rewards below. 

We look forward to seeing who will be among the top treasure hunters throughout Upland! 

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