February 6, 2023

Get Spark, UPX, and Turtles(!) in The Big Game Challenge

[UPDATE 2.6.23]

Note: The Big Game Challenge Leaderboard will update daily around 5 PM PT.


The lull in football leading up to the Big Game is excruciating. But, thanks to The Big Game Challenge, there’s plenty of football left in Upland! 

The Big Game Challenge is a gridiron test for the ages, tasking players to build the biggest point totals by participating in various activities. Starting Monday, February 6 at 9 AM PT, and ending Friday, February 10 at 9 AM PT, each day will bring new winners and reward players with UPX, Spark, and the “Football Turtle” Block Explorer! And the ultimate prize, the “Golden Turtle” Block Explorer, awaits those who tough it out all week and collect the maximum points! 

Huddle up for more details, and prepare for The Big Game Challenge in Upland!

The Big Game Challenge Details

The Big Game Challenge encourages players to participate in various NFLPA-related activities in Upland for a chance to win exclusive prizes. Before joining this week-long challenge, know that players must own an NFLPA Legit (Essential or Memento) to participate and build points. So, if you don’t have one of these Legits, look for a player-owned NFLPA Fan Shop or an official NFLPA Shop near you! 

Note: NFLPA Shops are located at team stadiums and only have Essentials unless there is a Memento Sale during a game. 

The rules are simple: Complete activities (listed below) to earn Football Points. Each point earned is equal to one entry in daily prize drawings. The Big Game Challenge starts on Monday, February 6 at 9 AM PT. At this time, players have 24 hours each day to build points. For example, Monday’s cutoff will be at 8:59 AM PT on Tuesday, February 7. This 24-hour cycle repeats each day until the challenge ends. 


There are a total of eight activities in The Big Game Challenge. Remember that as a daily challenge, you’ll want to repeat these activities daily; with the exception of registering for the big game, which you can only do once. By reaching the maximum Football Points (180 points daily, 600 points total), you’ll get the rare Golden Turtle Block Explorer and maximize your chances of winning UPX and Spark for each drawing!

Check out our table below for activity details as well as the points system.

Notice that there are buying and selling activities at NFLPA Fan Shops (i.e., player-owned Metaventures) and the official NFLPA Shops at team stadiums. You’ll need to head to both of these shops to earn all your daily Football Points! 

If you need help with some of the activities, here are some handy tips and resources: 

Registration for the Big Game Early Sale will go live on Monday, February 6 at 9 AM, so be sure to grab a spot while registration is open. Also, you can check out the list of NFLPA Collections to set your sights on Collections that work for you. Remember that there are Collections for each team, giving you plenty of ways to complete a Collection each day of the challenge.

The Big Game Challenge Prizes

Now let’s get into what you’ve been waiting for: prizes! Starting Tuesday, February 7, players will win UPX, Spark, and more in daily drawings. Here’s a breakdown:

  • UPX: In each drawing, 25 players will win 25,000 UPX
  • Spark: In each drawing, five players will win 0.1 Spark
  • Football Turtle Block Explorer: In each drawing, 100 players will win one of these Block Explorers
  • Golden Turtle Block Explorer: Players who earn every possible Football Point, 180 daily points and 600 points total, will receive the Golden Turtle Block Explorer! 

Here are preview images of the Block Explorers:

Football Turtle Block Explorer

Golden Turtle Block Explorer

Event Terms & Conditions

  1. The Big Game Challenge will be held between Monday, February 6 at 9:00 AM PT and Friday, February 10 at 9:00 AM PT. The event is conducted by the creator of Upland: Uplandme, Inc. (herein: “the game operator”).
  2. No purchase is necessary to be eligible for rewards.
  3. All Upland users are eligible to participate in competitions so long as they hold an Upland account, own an NFLPA Legit, and provided that they have abided by and continue to abide by the game operator’s Terms of Use (AKA: Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service).
  4. Participating in these events grants the user entry into a drawing for prizes. Users may participate in multiple events and are eligible to receive multiple entries.
  5. Having more than one account per person is strictly prohibited. If the use of multiple accounts by a single individual is detected, it may void said user’s eligibility in all activities and drawings, in addition to other potential penalties or consequences levied by the game operator.
  6. Players are eligible to win each of the prizes each day, but players can only win each of the prizes once throughout the challenge.
  7. Winners of prizes will be drawn each day of the challenge starting on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. 
  8. If no user wins a specific event, the distribution of leftover prizes will be at the discretion of the game operator.
  9. Any changes to the overall or single events are at the sole discretion of the game operator.

The Big Game Comes Early to Upland

The Big Game might not be for another week, but the Big Game Challenge packs all the excitement and fandom you could want. And there are turtles! Draw up a plan, stay hydrated, and dominate for your chance at big rewards and enough glory to last until the next season. Good luck!

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