November 16, 2022

Grab Past and Present FIFA World Cup™ Legits to Own Your Colors

[12.7.2022 UPDATE]


This week's FIFA Bundle Sale will resume on Friday, December 9th. There are no issues with this week's distribution, and packs that were purchased will continue to be delivered. Thank you for your patience, and see you in the store on Friday!

[11.24.2022 UPDATE]


During this week’s FIFA Bundle sale, we discovered an issue that caused the over-distribution of Rare and Exclusive Essentials. This means that almost all of these items are already in the hands of owners who purchased a bundle during last week’s sale.

While the difference in rarities of these items is significant, the effect on fan points (towards Mementos and grand prizes) is minor–meaning that 2 common Essentials of the same type will always be worth more Fan Points than 1 Rare Essential. Despite this error, we would like to assure players that the distribution of Game Passes is working exactly as intended.

Some players who previously purchased Bundles gained more Exclusive and Rare Essentials than they should have by design–they will obviously get to keep these assets. Other players may have received less Rare and Exclusive items than originally intended. These players will be receiving compensation with additional Essentials, and in some cases, Passes. This will be based on the number of Legits purchased and the calculated value lost. Overall, the compensation will be worth more than the opportunity lost.

Future Bundles will now be adjusted to compensate for the lack of available Exclusive and Rare items. It will work as follows: 

  • FIFA Essentials - 1 additional Essential will be added to the Bundle
  • FIFA Starter - 1 additional Essential will be added to the Bundle, and the odds of getting a Pass will be improved from 20% to 22%
  • FIFA Pro -  1 additional Essential will be added to the Bundle, and the odds of getting a pass will be improved from 40% to 42%
  • FIFA Pass - 2 additional Essentials will be added to the Bundle

Due to the above adjustments, the overall availability of FIFA Legits Bundles will be reduced to reflect the change in odds and assets. 

Once the identified issue has been resolved, we will resume sales of the FIFA Starter Bundle, followed by the FIFA Essentials Bundle, per the remaining inventory. FIFA Pro and FIFA Pass Bundles are expected to be replenished as planned on November 30th. 

As of today there are about 300 Exclusive items and about 25 Rare items that have not been awarded yet. Although there is still a small chance of getting them with each bundle, we will proceed as if the remaining Bundles only contain common items. Over the next several days, we will work to identify which players are eligible for compensation and will notify all players via email sometime next week. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve these issues.


In a few days, the hope of 32 countries comes down to a ball, a net, and athletes bleeding pride for their country in the world’s greatest sporting event in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. Key moments – clutch tackles, pinpoint passes, skillful touches, bending strikes, and impossible saves – will turn athletes into stars and teams into legends. 

With today’s launch of FIFA World CupTM Bundles, Upland players can own these moments (and more) for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM  – including Spotlight video highlights of key moments from this year’s tournament! There are also beautiful, nostalgic collectibles from every official FIFA World CupTM tournament dating back to 1930! 

FIFA World CupTM Bundles come in several tiers, and some of them give players a chance to get a Pass they can use to unlock even more rare Legits called Mementos. Players will collect Legits to not only support their favorite national teams, but to complete Collections and Collection Albums to boost their Fan Scores and win Challenges that unlock truly unique prizes. 

Co-Founder Idan Zuckerman breaks down all the FIFA World CupTM hype in Upland, including Legits and Bundles, in the Kickoff Show. Take a look to see how everything works from Idan himself! 

Read on to learn more about FIFA World CupTM Bundles and to get ready to own these fantastic FIFA World CupTM collectibles! 

FIFA World CupTM Bundles

FIFA World CupTM Bundles come in four tiers that players can purchase in the Upland Store or on Upland’s FIFA World CupTM page without registering (unlike the registrations required for the FIFA World CupTM Block Explorer Sale). 

One Bundle only has Essentials with no chance of getting a Pass. Other Bundles come with Essentials and a chance at a Pass. The rarest Bundle guarantees a Pass. Also, a higher-class Bundle gives players not just a better chance at getting a Pass, but getting Passes for later stages of the tournament. And as we all know, the deeper into FIFA World CupTM we get, the bigger the moments. The bigger the moments, the better the Memento collectibles! 

Here is a breakdown of the FIFA World CupTM Bundles, including price, total quantity, and what players get for each Bundle.  

*Bundles will be replenished on 11/23, 11/30 & 12/7*

The Essentials Bundle is available only in the Upland Store. The Starter, Pro, and Pass Bundles are available in the Upland Store and on the FIFA World CupTM page. There are no registrations for Bundles and players can purchase a Bundle from anywhere – no travel required! 

After buying a Bundle, the package containing the items is delivered to the player’s wallet in minutes. After opening the package (and getting covered in confetti), the Legits are added to the player’s wallet and can be viewed in the Football Legits menu. For players looking to buy multiple Bundles, keep in mind that there is a two-minute cooldown after a purchase. (This cooldown period may change later.) 

Players won’t be able to swap or trade a Bundle. However, the Legits inside are tradable after they’ve been delivered to a player’s wallet. Also, it’s important to note that Passes are extremely valuable, and there’s a little bit of strategy that goes into how players can use them. Read on below for details. 

What are Passes?

Passes offer players unique Mementos from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM rounds. Throughout the tournament, players will collect Passes which can be redeemed for Mementos. After each round is over, the “Exchange” icon will light up in the player’s asset wallet, indicating that the pass can now be Exchanged for Mementos (including Spotlights)! There will be a little delay between the end of a round and when players can exchange Passes, so be on the lookout for when the Exchange button turns green! 

Once a Pass is exchanged for a Memento, that Pass is gone. If players want more Momentos (to complete Collections, build Fan Score, or to just be a fan), they need a new Pass. Also, players should keep in mind that a Pass is always tied to a specific round of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM

There are three different Pass rarities players will find in their Bundles: Passes (the least rare), VIP Passes (more rare), and Platinum Passes (the most rare). The Starter, Pro, and Pass Bundles each have different probabilities for getting these Passes. For more information, please refer to our breakdown of each Bundle’s probabilities

Rarer Passes improve the odds of getting a better Memento. But, a player’s FIFA World CupTM Fan Score also factors into the odds. To maximize the odds of getting a rare Memento – such as a Match Ball or Spotlight – players can build their Fan Score by completing Collections and acquiring higher-value Passes (i.e., the Platinum or VIP Pass). When exchanging a Pass, the player’s Fan Score is compared to others that have the same Pass – this factors into odds for the Memento a player gets. 

Passes don’t have to be redeemed right away, and finding that sweet spot of when to redeem a Pass will pay off for savvy players.

Note: We cover Fan Scores and Collections later in the announcement if you want details. 

What are Legit Essentials and Mementos? 

The great thing about Legits is that they are minted NFTs, making them unique assets that players own forever! Think of Legits like baseball cards, bottle caps, stamps, coins, comic books, or anything else people like to collect and trade.

Essentials are less rare Legits than Mementos, and all Legits are used to complete Collections and Collection Albums. When players purchase a Bundle, they’ll find Essentials such as FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Mascots, Logos, Posters, Balls, Team Crests, Team Shirts, or Team Boots. There’s also a chance to find Essentials from prior FIFA World Cup™ events, such as Mascots, Logos, Posters, Balls, or Team Shirts from first, second, third, or fourth-place teams from the 1930-2018 tournaments.

Mementos are rare, branded 3D NFTs that commemorate real-world events related to the brand or team. These NFTs have unique data, such as a team’s stats for a particular game. Mementos can be FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Team Scarves, Team Crests, Team Warmup Balls, Team Boots, Team Shirts, a one-of-a-kind Match Ball, or Spotlights. Spotlights are video highlights from matches that include game highlights and one-of-a-kind goals scored!

With Spotlights, players have real highlights of moments that push teams through the rounds and onto the championship match. This is an incredible opportunity for football fans to own a piece of FIFA World CupTM history! Combine player passion for their favorite teams with Fan Points earned and pure cool factor, and Spotlights are easily one of the spiciest collectibles out there! 

Note: Spotlight Mementos will be playable media upon delivery. However, there will be a watermark over the content until February 2023 as part of an embargo. 

Those looking to learn more about Legits can check out NFLPA Legits. Although NFLPA Legits work a little differently, the additional information could be helpful. 

What Do I Do with Legits? 

Do players need a reason to gather collectibles from their favorite teams playing in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™? Probably not. But, there are still plenty of activities that should get players excited to grab Legit Bundles. 

Build Your FIFA World CupTM Fan Score

Every Essential and Memento gives the owner Fan Points. Fan Points go toward a Fan Score. A higher Fan Score doesn’t just give players bragging rights – it increases their odds of unlocking rarer Mementos when exchanging a Pass! 

Complete FIFA World CupTM Collections and Albums

Legits build Fan Scores, but Collections multiply Fan Points each Legit earns. There are two FIFA World CupTM Album Collections:

  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Album Collection, which includes Essentials and Mementos from 2022
  • FIFA World Cups™ Album Collection, which includes Essentials from 1930 to 2018

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Album Collection focuses on collecting Essentials and Mementos from this year’s tournament to complete numerous Collections. The FIFA World Cups™ Album Collection focuses on collecting Essentials from tournaments between 1930 and 2018 in order to complete Collections that honor past tournaments. 

In a special bonus for the most dedicated FIFA World CupTM fans, players that complete both Collection Albums by January 5, 2023, will win a rare prize (to be announced soon)!

Fan Score Challenges and Leaderboard

Soon we’ll announce our Fan Score Trading Challenge, where players can build their Fan Scores to climb the leaderboard. Those at the top of the leaderboard will receive very (very) unique prizes. That’s all we’ll say for now, so be on the lookout for more details soon! 

Swap/Trade Your Legits

We said Legits are like baseball cards, right? One of the best things about Legits is that players can swap and trade them. This is great for several reasons: 

  • Swapping is a great strategy to complete FIFA World CupTM Collections
  • Trading ensures players get the Legit they want!

Traveling to Qatar

Players do not need to travel to purchase a Bundle and can get a Bundle simply by opening the Upland Store. However, players can travel to and from Qatar for free throughout the tournament, which makes it easy to get to the FIFA World CupTM Village and participate in all the experiences coming to Upland throughout the tournament!

Here’s a travel route guide to help you plan your (free) trip.

FIFA World CupTM Legits are a Game-Changer!

Upland is the best place to enjoy FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in the metaverse, and Legits are a big part of the fun and fandom. Hop into the Upland Store to check out the Bundles, and prepare for football madness!

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