March 22, 2023

Hackathon Your Way to $10K and 2 Million UPX!

Calling all developers, blockchain enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who loves stacks of cash and the jingle of UPX coins! The Upland Hackathon is here, bringing not one, not two, but three hackathon tracks – each offering serious prizes and opportunities to bring unique experiences into Upland. 

In the FIFA Women’s World Cup track, participants will submit football/soccer-related projects using FIFA World CupTM and Upland assets. The winner receives $10,000 and an incubator to bring the experience to life. In the Innovation track, contestants can let their creativity go wild – if submissions focus on building the Upland community, anything goes. The winner of this track also receives $10,000 and an incubator. Last but not least, the Design track will award the top designer with 2 million UPX for creating a blue-ribbon 3D trophy for the upcoming World of Football esports tournament. 

The hackathon officially kicks off today, and registration closes on May 12 at 5 PM PT. Check out the details below and bring your best to this huge Upland hackathon. 

Register and get details on the official Upland Hackathon page.

Upland Hackathon Details

The hackathon has three phases, with the contest ultimately ending at Upland’s Genesis Week celebration in Las Vegas on June 9. First, there is the registration deadline on May 12. Then, there is a submission deadline on May 26. After the finalists are selected for all three tracks, they will deliver a presentation to judges and players in Vegas. 

Take a look at the hackathon schedule for all tracks below to stay one step ahead of submissions and presentations. 

Registration ends: May 12 at 5 PM PT

Submission deadline: May 26 at 5 PM PT

Finalist selection: May 28 (finalists will be notified directly)

Finalist presentation: June 9 at 3 PM PT in the Sahara Casino and Resort in Las Vegas

Hackathon Tracks

The three tracks give contestants various ways to flex their creative muscles. Contestants are welcome to submit materials for multiple tracks if desired, however, each submission must be distinct and unique. 

Every track has a specific goal in mind, but generally, this hackathon intends to motivate people – regardless of their skillset and background – to create Web3 experiences. No coding or blockchain knowledge is required to participate – all are welcome to submit their ideas.

The hackathon is a unique opportunity for contestants to collaborate with Upland and the EOS Foundation Network, an open framework for building fast, secure, and user-friendly Web3 products. There will even be an “Upland Tools 101” session in April to allow contestants to meet Upland developers and ask questions about tools, tracks, or anything else related to the hackathon. 

Note: We’ll announce more information regarding the Upland Tools 101 session soon. 

FIFA World CupTM Track

The FIFA World CupTM hackathon provides a unique opportunity for football/soccer enthusiasts to utilize Upland’s FIFA Legits and Upland’s third-party SDK to create a long-lasting experience. Maybe there’s a new football experience nobody’s built yet. Maybe there’s an untapped opportunity to use FIFA World CupTM Legits and other Upland assets to create something new in Upland. As long as submissions include FIFA World CupTM Legits, anything is game. 


Grand Prize

  • $10,000 USD
  • Placement in the FIFA World CupTM Village in Upland
  • An incubator program to help launch the project

Runner Up Prize

  • $5,000 USD
  • An incubator program to help launch the project

Register for the FIFA Track here.

Innovation Track

In the Innovation track, we invite participants to build community-focused games, content, and experiences that bring people together. This is an open track where there are few boundaries. In partnership with EOS Foundation Network, the Innovation track invites players to experiment and even take risks to transform the gaming world and create communities. 

As long as the project encourages the Upland community to share time, assets, play, experiences, etcetera, anything goes. Projects will be judged on their potential to drive new player growth and daily reactivation in the Upland ecosystem. Top submissions will excel at creating experiences that encourage communities to come back into the experience often and will leverage the Upland economy to stimulate engagement. 


Grand Prize

  • $10,000 USD
  • Placement in the FIFA World CupTM Village in Upland
  • An incubator program to help launch the project

Runner Up Prize

  • $5,000 USD
  • An incubator program to help launch the project

Register for the Innovation Track here.

Design Track

For the Design track, we invite participants to design a 3D trophy for the World of Football esports tournament and include the FIFA World CupTM logo. World of Football is an Upland game where users can play football against each other using their Block Explorers. This year, the World of Football eSports tournament will be themed around the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023TM.


Grand Prize: 2,000,000 UPX 

Register for the Design Track here.

Hackathon Submission Information

As mentioned earlier, the submission deadline is May 26 at 5 PM PT. On the Upland Hackathon page, participants will find links to submit projects for each of the three tracks. Participants must register before May 12, then submit their project before the May 26 deadline. 

Also, in this hackathon, participants will use Upland Developer Tools. These tools utilize: 

  • User mapping: Map IDs of existing users to Upland user IDs.
  • Escrow service: Allows developers to create an escrow container, place user properties into the container, query the transaction, and resolve the escrow container. Assets that may be put in escrow include UPX, Block Explorers, Structure Ornaments, Spark, etc. 
  •  Read-only APIs: Allows various queries.

Please visit the hackathon page for full submission guidelines and FAQs. 

We can’t wait to see all the big, bold ideas participants bring to the hackathon. Give us your best shot, and good luck! 

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