June 8, 2023

Introducing Cafes

[UPDATE 6.20.23]

Upland Cafes are now accessible through iOS devices, allowing players to join Upland Cafes using any of the web or mobile versions of Upland.


If you can't attend SuperFest '23 in Las Vegas, but still want to celebrate Genesis Week with other Uplanders, we have some great news for you! The first release of Upland Cafes has officially launched. Upland Cafes provide a 3D experience within Upland where players can bring their 3D avatars to socialize, interact, and participate in exciting events such as Genesis Week with other players. We can't wait for all of you Uplanders to join us in celebrating Genesis Week at an Upland Cafe near you! 

How to Join Cafes

Cafes arrived in Upland as a special launch just for Genesis Week 2023. Players are now able to join an Upland Cafe from anywhere in Upland without the need to travel and send their Block Explorers to a Cafe’s address. There will be eight Upland Cafes available in the initial release, which can be found by typing a Cafe’s address in the property search bar.  

Below are the addresses of the eight Upland Cafes. Each Cafe will have the same interior design but will have its own unique space filled with different players. The exterior of each Cafe will be unique based on its location in Upland. This means while you are hanging out in a Cafe, you will be able to see the rest of Upland outside the window.   

Once you have located an Upland Cafe, zoom in on the map and find the Upland Cafe pill button. Clicking on this button will begin the process of launching the 3D Experience and taking you to the Cafe. Before joining a Cafe, make sure that you have connected your Ready Player Me account to your Upland account and created a 3D Avatar. Players currently can join any Upland Cafe using the web or mobile versions of Upland, eliminating the need to download any additional applications or programs. 

Important Note: Some of the features mentioned above regarding Upland Cafes are subject to change in the future.

What Can You Do In A Cafe?

In Upland Cafes, players are now able to bring their 3D avatars to interact with other Uplanders using spatial audio, emotes, and chat. Players will have full manual control over their 3D avatars and be able to maneuver around the Cafe. Each Cafe features a large screen where live streams and pre-recorded videos can be displayed for all players in the Cafe. This will allow Uplanders to watch SuperFest '23 live streams together in any of the Upland Cafes. For now, each Upland Cafe has a maximum capacity of players and does not require an entry fee.

Future of Cafes

Upland Cafes are the first of many UGC 3D Experiences to be brought to Upland. In the future, players will have the opportunity to apply for their own Cafe Metaventures. Being a Cafe Metaventure owner will allow players to set an entry fee, customize the interior design, define the content of their 3D experience, and host their own special events. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Cafes! 

Get ready to celebrate SuperFest ‘23 with your fellow Uplanders at an Upland Cafe near you!

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