January 18, 2022

Introducing: Chicago Visitor Raids!

[1.19 UPDATE]

Visitors have been selected for the Chicago Visitor Raid! Please head to one of the following addresses for an opportunity to win .03 Spark!! Players will now have 24 hours (until January 20th, at 1:00 PM PT) to complete a send to one (or all) of the available listed properties.

Visitor Properties:

  • Parnazz | 9904 S PEORIA ST
  • Zhinafazeli | 9041 S MACKINAW AVE
  • Siaaco | 7948 S MOZART ST
  • Mccha5e | 2042 E 75TH ST
  • Kringleman | 6407 S PARNELL AVE
  • Angelo242 | 5313 S MAY ST
  • Rich78 | 4806 S LA CROSSE AVE
  • Joyestates | 3043 S KEELER AVE
  • Captinsano | 2055 N NEWLAND AVE
  • Isookrsa | 6224 N KARLOV AVE

Now, go support these Visitors and help them make it to Uplander!!


Hey Uplanders - we hope you've been keeping busy! Between Auctions, Challenges, and Treasure Hunts, there's certainly a lot of content to dive into in the Upland Metaverse, but we're not stopping there! We are happy to announce a brand new way to support your fellow community members with Visitor Raids, where Visitors can sign up for a chance to have their property raided with sends from their fellow Uplanders.

How it Works

Visitors will complete a form for a chance to be selected as one of the 10 Visitors for the Raid taking place in Chicago. This means that only Visitors with properties in Chicago will be eligible for the Visitor Raid.

Players will send to these Visitors' properties for a chance to win .03 Spark, with 10 Winners Per Property (a total of 100 Winners!). Winners will be drawn on a per-property basis and players will have 24 hours to complete a send to each one of the properties. Spark winners will be drawn on Thursday after the conclusion of the 24-hour window. You can only earn 1 entry per property in the raid.

This is your chance to explore more of your fellow community member's properties, and win a lucrative Spark Reward at the same time!

Visitor Sign Ups

If you're a visitor and are interested in signing up, click on the link below to complete a form to be placed in the pool of potential Visitors. Non-visitors do not need to complete any forms to participate in the event; completing a send to a property will qualify as an entry.

Sign Up Now!

Stay tuned for updates as we announce further details prior to commencing the raid. Winning Visitors will be announced at the end of tomorrow's live auction, so tune in to find out alongside GeneralMort and X1TheGamer- you won't want to miss this!

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