September 21, 2023

Introducing KABOOM!

We’re excited to announce that KABOOM! is coming to Upland! KABOOM! is a dynamic and visionary nonprofit organization that has been reshaping the landscape of communities across the United States for over two decades to end playspace inequity. This partnership with KABOOM! perfectly aligns with our mission of utilizing technology to improve the quality of life in our communities. 

Let’s Dive Deeper into KABOOM!

KABOOM! was founded on the fundamental belief that every child should have access to a safe and engaging place to play. Over the years, KABOOM! has emerged as a driving force in the movement to ensure that play remains an integral part of every child's upbringing.

Their unwavering commitment to creating vibrant, inclusive, and accessible play spaces has not only brought the joy of play to millions of kids, but has also sparked a strong sense of community among countless volunteers and supporters.

What Will KABOOM! Bring to Upland? 

In Upland, KABOOM! will be making its debut by offering five user-generated Map Assets inspired by the wonderful playgrounds they've built all across the nation. We'll be sharing more details about the release of these KABOOM! Map Assets as soon as the manufacturing process kicks off.

We can hardly contain our excitement, and we can't wait for all you Uplanders to see the incredible things KABOOM! has in store for our community. Stay tuned for more updates!

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