November 3, 2022

Multiplayer Races Speed Into Upland 

Are you ready to race? The green starter flag waves strongly in Upland today as we announce Multiplayer Racing! Where players could only race against bots in the past, now speed freaks across Upland can race against each other in public and private races. 

Launching in the web version of Upland on Thursday, November 3, we’ll see speedsters compete in three-lap, six-car races on the four race tracks currently in Upland (with more race tracks coming soon). Players will compete against other racers and AI bots. Also, spectators can watch and cheer on the action. Buckle up and keep your foot on the gas because multiplayer racing adds a new layer of excitement and competition to Upland!

How Do Multiplayer Races Work? 

Multiplayer races are accessed in the Racing section of the Quick Menu. Currently, you can join  a race from anywhere in Upland, but this may change in the future. From the menu, racers can look at the tracks available in a given city. Once a race is selected, players can see important information such as a course map, number of laps, distance, car classes invited to race, surface terrain, and weather. 

Some races have a time trial qualifying lap before the race starts to determine starting positions of all racers. All of these things factor into the race, and matching the right car to the track will be a crucial decision for racers looking to take home the checkered flag. 

If there’s an open spot in a public race, players can freely fill up to six spots. For private races, players will need to enter a code provided by the host to join. The host can start the race before all six slots are taken if desired. Also, the host has the option to fill open slots with AI bot racers if desired.  

After joining a race, players choose their cars and Block Explorers (which function as the driver for the race). Each class of car and car trim comes with different performance statistics. Players with the best car for the track and conditions will have a better chance to kiss the bricks at the end of the race! To learn more about car performance, check out our specs sheet

Note: Block Explorers must be tokenized to qualify as drivers. 

After all the racers choose their car and driver, racers and spectators are loaded into a Race Lobby, and off they go! Participants will see the lap number, their current placing in the race, and the names of all racers on the screen. Also, players can change their view from a top-down “helicopter” view, behind the car, side cameras, or a driver view inside the vehicle! 


Currently, there are four racetracks in San Francisco to choose from: 

  • Marina Run
  • Mission District
  • Genesis Loop
  • Bullitt Car Chase Loop

More race tracks will be coming soon, including the Portage Park Raceway that the community earned for winning the Halloween Neighborhood Challenge. Also, players will soon be able to design their courses! 

How Does Spectating Work? 

To watch a race, players simply need to open the Racing menu and jump into an open lobby (or enter a code for a private session). There are three ways to join a race as a spectator: 

  • Players that don’t own a car will join races as spectators.
  • Players who join a race lobby after all six slots are full will be spectators.
  • Players who join a race after it has started will be spectators. 

Spectators watch races from the same perspective as the racers – from behind, the side, above, or in the cars. While watching, spectators can switch which car they follow to catch the action from anywhere in the pack. 

Hosting a Multiplayer Race in Upland

From the Racing menu, players can create a race by choosing an available track and creating a race lobby. These could be public sessions open to anyone or passcode-protected private races. Hosts can choose if there’s a qualifying lap and launch the race when ready. 

What’s Next for Racing? 

Multiplayer racing is a huge win for players as they can now put their cars to the test and see how they perform. This adds so much excitement to Upland, and we’re only getting started. Soon, players can build their tracks for their cities and neighborhoods! We’ll also be adding specs to drivers that impact race performance. And new mechanics are in development for the qualifying lap, race history, and other aspects of races to add more drama and glory to every turn. 

If all of this racing goodness has your engines firing, go to the Racing menu to check out Multiplayer Racing from your browser today! 

Also, if you’re in the market for a car, join the Upland Auction House on Friday, November 4 at 12 PM PT for the next car auction! Ten cars are up for grabs, so don’t miss out! If you haven’t applied for a prior auction, you’ll need to fill out a quick form here

Here's a list of the cars available in the November 4 auction: 

  • Series 1 E Trim (Sterling Silver, Mint #3)
  • Series 1 (Royal Blue, Mint #3)
  • Series 2 R Trim (Violet, Mint #3)
  • Series 2 R Trim (Alpine White, Mint #3)
  • Series 4 Trim (Royal Blue, Mint #3)
  • Series 4 Trim (Coral Orange, Mint #3)
  • Series S E Trim (Electric Yellow, Mint #3)
  • Series T R Trim (Jet Black, Mint #3)
  • Series T R Trim (Candy Red, Mint #3)
  • Series V E Trim (Gunmetal Grey, Mint #3)
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