November 8, 2021

Introducing Upland Marketplace Analytics

We are excited to announce that we have deployed the first iteration of Upland Marketplace Analytics on the Upland Website!

In the last few months, it’s become increasingly apparent that the community needs sufficient data to make educated decisions in the Upland marketplace. Previously, the community had 3rd party tools at their disposal that made this process much easier. However, since some of those tools are lacking updates, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands.

Marketplace Data Tools

As a result of these developments, we have elected to publish our own data tools for the community to conduct their research on marketplace activity. Due to the urgent nature of this problem, the initial iteration of these tools will be somewhat rudimentary. However, the data should be enough to understand how the market is moving, prices in various cities and neighborhoods, as well as overall marketplace activity including both trading and transaction volumes. 

The Upland Marketplace Analytics Hub offers users a simple way to view the following data:

  • Overall Marketplace Activity (By Volume & Value)
  • Unminted Properties (By City & Neighborhood)
  • For Sale Properties (By City, Neighborhood, & Collection)
  • Owned Properties ((By City, Neighborhood, & Collection)

Each of these charts will live on the Upland Website and will be refreshed periodically (at least once a day). 

The Future of Marketplace Data

While this is a temporary solution, we are actively researching ways to provide higher quality data via either 3rd parties or our own tools. The goal is to provide better accuracy, higher refresh rates, and a stronger overall user experience. Our community is hard at work at building tools of their own, which we plan to support in any way we can, but the lack of data has highlighted the need for our own solutions. Our new marketplace analytics are a work-in-progress, but we are delighted to offer the community a solution that will allow them to effectively research marketplace trends and activity. 

Other Updates: New Web Tutorial

Upland’s rapid growth has also highlighted the need for better onboarding and education tools. You may have noticed that the Web Tutorial recently received a makeover. For now, we’ve opted to cover the basics, but plan to expand this to cover everything the metaverse has to offer. Over time, the Guides & Tutorials section will serve as a hub for information on in-game mechanics, blockchain integrations, economics, and more.

Thank you all for your patience in the absence of existing data tools. We look forward to creating more robust solutions alongside our community!

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