June 28, 2022

Last Call for 2021 NFLPA Legit Essentials

NFLPA Legits from the 2021 season are disappearing soon, so be sure to grab Essentials of your favorite players before they are gone! After June 29th at 5:00 PM PT, Essentials from the 2021 season will no longer be available for purchase through NFLPA Stadiums. This means that the only way to obtain these 2021 Legits in the future will be on the secondary market through NFLPA Fanshops or individual swaps. 


Click here to see the list of players with available 2021 Essentials.


Keep in mind that Essentials are limited by season and not by number of mints. Also, please note that Essentials are minted in batches and if current inventory runs out, there may be a slight delay in availability while the next batch is minted and placed into the Stadium's Essentials Shop. Any minted and unsold Essentials remaining after June 29th at 5:00 PM PT will not be available for future purchase.


To learn more about NFLPA Essentials, click here for a refresher. Not sure about the difference between Essentials and Mementos? Check out this video for a breakdown.

The Ultimate Fan Challenge

As a heads up, the Ultimate Fan Challenge will be making a return very soon, so now is your last opportunity to beef up your trading portfolio with Essentials for when the challenge begins. More details on prizing and timelines coming soon…

Minting Essentials

To shop for Essentials, players will need to travel to the in-game Stadiums for the team of their choice. To find a Stadium, open the “Quick Menu,” select “NFLPA Legits,” and then select “Stadiums.” 

This menu will provide you with a list of teams, select the team of your choice to redirect your camera to the shop’s location. If you’re already in the same city as the shop, you can send directly to the property, however, if you’re in another city, you’ll need to travel there via airplane or train first.

Once you’ve arrived at the NFLPA Stadium, select the shop button on top of the property to enter the store. Select your team to view their available inventory of Legits. Select any item to initiate the 3D preview and inspect the Legit in detail. If you find an item you’d like to purchase, click on the button to the right to mint and receive your Essential. 

Be sure to act fast and grab those 2021 Essentials before they are gone from the Stadiums!

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