April 10, 2023

Mangueira Brings to Upland the First Wearable Sale!

[UPDATE 6.2.23}

Attention Uplanders! We have exciting news for you. You can now apply Wearables to your 3D Avatars. Currently, the Mangueira Wearables are the first ones available in Upland. If you own a Mangueira Wearable, visit your 3D Avatar's inventory and apply it to give your avatar a Brazilian flavor. Additionally, we have added a Wearable badge icon to the Legit’s full view, allowing players to preview how their 3D Avatar will look in Wearable before applying it. Stay tuned for more Wearables coming to Upland in the near future!

[UPDATE 4.11.23]

Please note that after a player purchases a Mangueira Wearable Bundle, the bundle will be delivered to their account the day after the purchase. We greatly appreciate your patience, Uplanders!


Uplanders, it's time to put on your dancing shoes and get ready to Samba because Mangueira is bringing the first-ever Wearable Legits to Upland. Wearables are a type of Legit players can use to customize their 3D Avatars. Registration for the Mangueira Wearable Bundle Sale will open on Monday, April 10th at 10 AM PT, and the sale will start on Tuesday, April 11th at 9 AM PT. This is the perfect chance for your 3D Avatar to stand out with Mangueira’s renowned Brazilian flavor!  

Mangueira Wearable Bundle Sale Details

Mangueira Wearable Legits can be purchased in bundles from the Upland Store. Each bundle contains a unique assortment of Wearable Legits with dynamic rarities. There are three separate bundles to choose from, Common Bundle, Epic Bundle, and Rare Bundle. Each bundle contains a Mangueira costume and a costume accessory. The odds of obtaining common, epic, and rare wearables will be variable depending on the bundle purchased. 

Important Note: Wearable costumes are still actively in development and will be available for your 3D Avatar in the coming weeks. Accessories will be supported at a later stage.

After a player makes a purchase of a bundle, the bundle will be delivered to their account the day after the purchase. Once the bundle is opened, the Wearable will be added to the player's wallet under the “Legits” section. When the functionality for wearables is delivered, players will be able to place them on their 3D Avatar through the “edit avatar” button on their Profile page.

For players looking to purchase multiple Bundles, there will be a five-minute cooldown after each purchase. Please note that bundles themselves are not tradable. However, the Wearables inside the bundles are tradable after they’ve been delivered to a player’s wallet. 

Check out the rest of the Mangueira Wearable Bundle details and a video of all the Mangueira Wearables below:

  • Registration Opens: Monday, April 10 at 10 AM PT
  • Registration Closes: Tuesday, April 11 at 8 AM PT
  • Sale Starts: Tuesday, April 11 at 9 AM PT
  • Price: See below for details
  • Quantity: See below for details

What are Wearables? 

As mentioned above, Wearables are a type of Legit that players can use to stylize their 3D Avatars. In the near future, players who purchase a Mangueira Wearable Bundle will be able to use their Wearable costumes on their 3D avatars; accessories will be available at a later date. To refresh your memory on how to customize your 3D Avatars in Upland watch the video below. 

This is just the beginning of Wearables in Upland. Stay tuned for more exciting details about Wearables.

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