February 9, 2022

Metaventures Expansion: The NFLPA Fan Shop Beta

Now that the Block Explorer Shop Beta is up and running, it’s time to explore new pathways to expand the Metaventure program. With 2021 Essentials live, we’re one step closer to bringing the full NLFPA Legits experience to life. However, a crucial component of that experience is access to secondary markets for Legits, which will allow players to freely buy, sell, and trade their assets. As such, starting today, we will be opening up applications for players to launch the first NFLPA Fan Shops in Upland!

NFLPA Fan Shop Beta

Metaventures are still in their infancy, however, with the Venture Dues model targeted for launch by the end of February, it’s the perfect time to prepare for our first Metaventure expansion with NFLPA Fan Shops. But before opening things up for global release, we need to allow for proper testing periods in order to iterate and improve on the user experience.

Similar to the Block Explorer Shop beta, we will hand-select a number of players to participate in the testing phase for NFLPA Fan Shops. However, unlike the current beta participants, the Venture Dues model will be in full effect when the NFLPA Fan Shop beta goes live and selected players will be free to launch their shop in any city of their choice.

We will be regularly reviewing applications over the next few weeks and inviting approved applicants to join a dedicated channel in Discord. Participants should be ready and willing to offer feedback on their experience, as it will help us plan and optimize for a full rollout. If you'd like to apply, click on the link below and complete the form!

Click Here to Apply

If you’re not selected for the fan shop beta, don’t be discouraged, there will be plenty of opportunities to launch your own Metaventure in the near future! This is just the beginning, we can’t wait to let you guys loose and show everyone the power of Play-to-Earn.

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