June 2, 2023

Mission Center: Setting New Players Up for Success

Next week, we will be deploying the first iteration of our new Mission Center, which will serve to guide and reward players through their Upland journey. Players who are Visitors and Uplanders will immediately gain access to a small set of missions that will teach them how to mint properties, hunt treasures, and complete collections. While the first few iterations will focus on new players, Missions are a dynamic feature that will expand significantly over time.

In recent months, we’ve been taking on a huge initiative to overhaul and improve the first-time user experience. We recognize that this is one of the most important pieces to setting players up for success and enabling them to experience the entirety of the Upland ecosystem. Back in March, we released the Explore Center, a new tutorial experience that guides players through some of the most fundamental systems in Upland. This feature has produced some very encouraging results, and we are eager to see how we can leverage that success with the brand-new Mission Center. 

Note: Players will need to update to the latest version of the Upland app to access the Mission Center.

What’s the Mission Center?

The Mission Center will offer a selection of missions that will be designed to educate, engage, and reward the community. Initially, these missions will be heavily geared toward new players to give them better exposure to the Upland metaverse. Each of these first missions will be designed to inform the player about the many intricate systems in Upland; Treasure Hunting, Property Trading, Metaventures, etc. This should offer the player a better sense of progression and a more linear path to kickstarting their Upland journey. 

“Starter Missions”

Starter missions will only be offered to newly signed-up players, as well as current Visitors and Uplanders. Anyone in these categories will now see 4 new Starter Missions already in progress in the Mission Center. Some Starter missions will be “guided” missions that include tutorials to walk the player through different actions, like minting their first property. For example, playing the “Buy a Property” mission tutorial will actually locate an affordable property in that player’s current city and drop them right on top of it. No affordable property in their current city? No problem. Players will get a one-time opportunity to re-select a starting city that is sure to have affordable inventory. This makes buying the player’s first property a breeze and puts players into the action right away.

Naturally, we have plans for additional Starter missions that will encourage players to try out many of the different features that make Upland unique. These missions will be a high priority for our team over the coming weeks. 

What’s Next?

Over time, we will work to develop additional missions that focus on rewarding players for hitting significant milestones. Additionally, we will make use of limited-time missions to support in-game events and activities to offer players a better feedback system to measure their progress. In short, Missions are a flexible tool that will be used in a variety of ways to improve the user experience, and we’re incredibly excited to see how it can support players throughout their experience.


If I level up past Uplander and didn’t complete my Starter Missions, will they disappear?

  • No. While we are only offering these missions to current Visitors and Uplanders, they will still be able to complete them if they level up past Uplander. This means that any player who is already above Uplander will never gain access to the Starter Missions. 

I’ve already completed the “Newbie” collection. Can I still complete the “Complete a Collection” mission?

  • Yes, absolutely. If you’ve already completed the Newbie collection, you can complete any other collection to complete the mission.

I’ve already completed all the tutorials in the Explore Center. Can I still complete the “Complete tutorials in the Explore Center” mission?

  • Yes, you are free to replay any of the tutorials in the Explore Center to complete the mission.

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