April 3, 2023

Neighborhood Ratings Bring New Node Collections, Property Earning Boosts, and UPX Bonuses

[UPDATE 9.11.23]

Congratulations to Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan for winning the August Neighborhood Ratings Challenge! Players can now complete the Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Collection!

[UPDATE 8.15.23]

Congratulations to Century City in Los Angeles for winning the July Neighborhood Ratings Challenge! Players can now complete the Century City Neighborhood Collection!

[UPDATE 7.13.23]

Congratulations to Howard Beach in Queens for winning the June Neighborhood Ratings Challenge! Players can now complete the Howard Beach Neighborhood Collection!

[UPDATE 6.13.23]

Congratulations to Playa Del Rey and Chelsea for being the first two nodes to win the Neighborhood Ratings Challenge. Players can now complete Collections in Playa Del Rey (located in Los Angeles) and Chelsea (located in Manhattan). Stay tuned next month to find out which node will be the next to win its own Collection.

[UPDATE 5.2.23]

Join us in congratulating the winning node in the first Neighborhood Ratings Challenge: Playa Del Rey in Los Angeles! The new Collection will be ready soon.

[UPDATE 4.4.23]

Due to a technical error, the Neighborhood Ratings Leaderboard displayed inaccurate results. However, this issue has been resolved, and the leaderboard now shows the correct ratings and operates as intended. Check out the leaderboard below to see where your neighborhood ranks.


Polish those yard gnomes and line up your Crates people, because Neighborhood Ratings are coming and the outcomes will reward top-performing Nodes with new Neighborhood Collections! 

This brand new system introduces not one, but two Neighborhood Rating competitions. The first competition grants one Node a Standard Collection every month. The second competition launches after a few Nodes spawn Collections and pits these Neighborhoods against each other for UPX yield boost upgrade opportunities. 

It’s time to settle the debate: Which Upland Nodes are the cream of the crop? Read up on the details below, and get ready for neighborhood battles that will change Upland forever. 

Neighborhood Rating Details

Neighborhood Ratings measure the progress and development of each Neighborhood, or “Node,” in Upland. To do this, every Node will be evaluated by a five-part rating system every month. The five factors are: 

  • Average Spark Hours (SpH) allocated per property for building Structures (e.g., Residential Structures, Showrooms, Factories, Stadiums, Landmarks)
  • Average number of residents with a designated Upland Home Address per property
  • Average number of Metaventures per property
  • Average SpH allocated for Map Assets (aka Outdoor Decor) manufacturing per property
  • Average UPX contributed to the Community Pool each month per property

Once launched, Neighborhood Ratings will be calculated and updated once a day. We understand that these factors might give smaller Nodes an advantage since it might be easier to achieve higher “per property” statistics. To level the field, we’ve introduced a “grading curve” to the calculation that gives larger Nodes an additional multiplier to level the field. The goal is to ensure a fair scoring system for Neighborhood Ratings. As such, there may be adjustments to the grading curve or the evaluation factors above as we measure results. 

Benefits of Neighborhood Ratings

Who wouldn’t want to be the Joneses of the metaverse? Being in the top-tier of Neighborhood Ratings is an honor, and each month there will be rewards for the king of this Upland hill! 

There are two Neighborhood Rating competitions: a competition to spawn one new Node Collection each month, and a separate competition for Nodes that already have a Collection. As we mentioned earlier, the second competition will launch after a few Nodes spawn Collections. We’ll make an announcement when this competition goes live. 

Any players who own properties in a Node that spawned a Collection can complete the Collection to boost UPX earnings and get a one-time UPX reward for each completed Collection. Players don’t need to have an Upland Home Address set in a Node to benefit from a Node Collection – they just need to own property in the Node. 

Depending on the size of the neighborhood, the Node Collection will require players to own anywhere between two to four properties to complete the Collection. The exact number of properties will be determined based on the number of properties in the Node. 

Node Collection Spawn Competition

The first competition rewards one Node with a new Neighborhood Collection each month. When the ratings go live, a Neighborhood Rating Leaderboard will be updated daily to show Node rankings. 

Note: The leaderboard will display results dating back to April 1. 

To win, neighbors should work together to achieve the highest rating on the Neighborhood Rating Leaderboard. The winning Node gets a Standard Neighborhood Collection with a starting UPX earning boost of 1.3X as well as a 450 UPX reward for all players with an Upland Home Address in the Node. 

This competition is only for Nodes without an existing Collection. If a Node already has a Collection, such as a Collection from a city launch, the Node will automatically be a part of the second competition (below) and not this Collection-spawning competition. 

Note: Players can view a list of neighborhoods that already have a Collection in this spreadsheet.

Once a Node tops the leaderboard and spawns a Collection, that Node is automatically entered into the second competition. 

Collection Upgrade Competition

Here, Nodes compete to see who has the best month-over-month percentage growth in the overall Neighborhood Ratings. This competition will launch after several Nodes spawn a Collection – so stay tuned for more details when this goes live in a few months. 

When this competition launches, the top-ranked neighborhoods receive an UPX earning boost increase for their Collections, while the bottom ranked neighborhoods receive a decrease. 

All Nodes that spawned a Neighborhood Collection automatically join this competition. Neighborhoods that have a Collection as a result of a city opening or the Collection spawning challenge are automatically included in this competition. 

Note: Neighborhoods that jump up in Collection rarity level get a one-month cool off period where they are not eligible for earnings boosts. Collections cannot be removed; only downgraded to the original base yield. 

Neighborhoods with a pre-existing Collection from a city opening will see the earnings boost increase applied on top of the existing Collection earning boosts! Also, if a Node boosts earnings enough, the Collection will increase its rarity level! Our table below breaks down the earning boost ranges needed to reach ascending rarity levels. 

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Upland is all about player-owned communities coming together, and Neighborhood Ratings are here to reward Nodes that pull together to build something special. If you haven’t yet, now is the perfect time to start conversations with your fellow Nodebors to coordinate SpH for Structures and Map Assets. 

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Good luck!

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