July 20, 2022

New Structure: Factories

Get prepared for manufacturing! We are excited to announce that starting today, Uplanders can begin construction on their own Factory, which will power the manufacturing of all 3D objects in the Upland metaverse. These unique structures will be integral to the future of Upland as we move towards the release of Outdoor Decor and other assets in the metaverse. Read below to learn more about Factories and start building now!

Introducing Factories

Similar to the real world, assets like structures or cars in Upland require time to build and produce. In Upland, cars production has been happening at the MV Motors Plant and 3D items will soon begin manufacturing in Factories owned by Uplanders. These Factories will be able to produce Outdoor Decor items for distribution throughout Upland and not only require space for the structure, but will also require a designated Inventory Lot to store items once production of an item is complete.

Initially, Factories will have limited functionality and size. Uplanders currently part of the Outdoor Decor Beta will be the first to use these Factories to produce their own items. Later, they will sell the new assets through their own Showrooms. 

All Uplanders will have the opportunity to build a Factory on their property to prepare for future manufacturing. In the future (after the beta), Uplanders will be able to use Factories to produce goods for their own Metaventure or for other Metaventures run by other Uplanders. Factory owners may also wish to leverage their existing Factories to trade with other Uplanders who are eager to start production immediately, rather than wait for a Factory to be built. The decision is yours.

Keep in mind that storage capacity is relative to the size of the Inventory Lot. While there is no minimum size Inventory Lot required, a bigger location will allow for greater capacity of item storage. During production, when an Inventory Lot gets full, Factories will not produce any more items until the existing inventory has been manually moved to other properties. When space allows, production will continue. Additionally, we expect to have multiple Factory designs. Different Factories will allow for the staking of additional Spark which may lead to faster production times.

Factory Details

Spark Hours: 8,600

Minimum Stake: 0.5 Spark

Expected Living Units: 0 (It's a Factory!)

How to Build a Factory

Building a Factory requires a bit more steps than a usual structure in Upland. Follow along with X1TheGamer or the instructions below to learn how to start constructing your own Factory.

Note: The video above and images below were taken from a test build. Values shown may not be identical to those in-game.

To begin, find the property you would like to build a Factory on and open the build menu.

Step 1: Select to build “Small Factory I” 

Step 2: Position the Factory on your lot per usual. Make sure this is placed in a corner or away from the center of the property to allow for the maximum space to draw your inventory lot in the next step. 

Step 3: Confirm positioning and placement of the Factory 

Step 4: Position your Inventory Lot by dragging the green area to your desired location. Re-size and re-shape the Inventory Lot by using the four arrows. You can also use the icons on the right side of the screen to adjust the Inventory Lot lines.

Step 5: Confirm Inventory Lot position and sizing. When confirmed, you’ll see how much UP^2 there will be within your Inventory Lot. The Inventory Lot cannot be modified after confirmation. If the Factory is demolished and rebuilt, a new Inventory Lot can be drawn.

Step 6: After confirming the Inventory Lot size and location, stake Spark & start construction!

So go scout the perfect location and start construction of your Factory now!

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