October 13, 2021

NFLPA Legits Delivery Update

It’s been a few weeks since we held the 2020 Legits Kickoff Sale, and we are incredibly excited to announce that we will begin minting Legits tomorrow with the goal to deliver them by this Friday!

Once Legits are live, players who purchased packs during the Kickoff Sale can log in to collect their packs. Please stay tuned for a follow-up announcement later this week with additional details on future 2020 sales, Fan Scores, and more!

The Legits NFT Wizard 

Every time Upland launches a new type of NFT, it is always followed by the release of an NFT Wizard Block Explorer. Typically, these block explorers are exclusive sales in the Upland Store that are available for a limited time. However, due to the gravity of this milestone, we will be hosting a special trading event involving your Legits soon after launch, so stay tuned for details!

City Stadiums

You may have noticed that team stadiums have begun construction across our cities in Upland! These stadiums will serve as the primary market hubs for 2021 NFLPA Legits and beyond. At team stadiums, players will be able to queue up to mint Mementos from their favorite football players, and even participate in virtual autograph signing events!

We welcome the community to contribute some of their unstaked Spark to aid in the completion of these incredible Landmarks.

Thank you all for your continued support for the Upland metaverse. We can’t wait to launch Legits!

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