February 7, 2022

P2P UPX Transfers Update

[2.9.22 UPDATE]

There was an error in the post below that said "UPX that has been earned via marketplace activity or property earnings is not subject to a cooldown period," however, this is not the case. All acquired UPX will be subject to the 60 day cooldown period.


Hello Uplanders, we're excited to announce that peer-to-peer UPX transfers will be going live early in the am (PT) tomorrow, Tuesday, February 8th. Once the feature is enabled, we will announce the community and players will be able to start freely transferring UPX among their peers! To support this new feature, we have also launched a new in-game Player Search mechanic which is accessible via the Quick Menu. Of course, UPX Transfers are not without restrictions, please read the post below for full details about UPX Transfers and how they work.

UPX transfers will enable players to launch their own game-related services as well as augment in-game exchanges and secondary market activity. This feature is meant to support in-game activities which do not involve the exchange of currency. Among these activities are UPX payments for Upland-related services, augmenting of in-game trades, community initiatives, and gifting or tipping in UPX. 

How it Works

Players can initiate an UPX transfer by navigating to another player's profile and selecting the "Send UPX" button. It's also now possible to search for specific players' profiles directly in the Upland App. Just open up the "Quick Menu" and select the "Player Search" icon to open up the Player Search feature.

Note: The above images are mockups, the in-game experience may vary slightly.

After selecting a player, click on the "Send UPX" button on their profile page to initiate the transfer process. Then, input the amount of UPX you wish to transfer; it will clearly state how much you will pay prior to the transaction. Once the details are confirmed, click "Send UPX" to complete the transfer. The recipient will be notified once the transaction is complete.

UPX Transfers Mechanics & Restrictions

Upland status & Account Age

UPX Transfers will only be available to players who are Uplanders and above, meaning that Visitors will not have the ability to both send or receive UPX. Players who reach Uplander will receive access to UPX transfers pending Identity Verification.

Identity Verification

All players who wish to send or receive UPX will be required to verify their identity with our partners at Tilia. Any attempt to use the UPX transfer feature without ID verification will prompt the player to complete this process.

Transfer Limits & Cooldowns

All acquired UPX (via marketplace, earnings, or store purchase) is subject to a 60 day cooldown period before it becomes transferrable. For example, if a player currently has 100,000 UPX in their account, but 50k of that UPX was purchased within the past 60 days, they will only have a maximum of 50k UPX (100k - 50k) available for transfer. Additionally, the minimum amount of UPX a player can transfer is 20 UPX.

Marketplace Fee

As with all Upland transactions, UPX transfers will be subject to the 10% marketplace transaction fee. 5% of this fee will be paid on the part of the sender, while the remaining 5% will be paid by the receiver. In other words, if Player A wants to send 1000 UPX to Player B, Player A will pay 1050 UPX and Player B will receive 950 UPX.

2FA & Captcha

All UPX transfer transactions will also be subject to 2-Factor Authentication and Captcha to ensure the highest level of security of users. We highly recommend enabling 2FA if you plan on using the UPX transfer mechanic.

These restrictions are meant to ensure safe transactions for all of our players during the testing phase of this new feature. As always, these restrictions will be subject to change pending the outcomes of this pilot program.

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