January 20, 2022

Property Earnings Adjustment Update

[1.25.22 UPDATE]

The Property Earnings adjustment will be taking place this Thursday, January 27th, between 12:00 AM and 2:00 AM PT. All players will need to collect their uncollected earnings prior to the earnings adjustment in order to avoid loss of UPX. Earnings are calculated at the time of collection, meaning that any unclaimed UPX waiting for players will be reduced if they do not collect prior to the adjustment. We will issue another reminder on Wednesday evening to ensure that all players have a sufficient opportunity to collect UPX before the adjustment is deployed.


A few weeks back we communicated our plans for a variety of economic updates to support the rapid growth of the Upland economy. Among these updates was an adjustment to the property earnings rate, moving from 17.3% to 14.7%. As such, next week on January 27th, all properties will have their earnings adjusted to the base rate of 14.7%.

As a reminder, to ensure the health of the economy, these values may be adjusted (up, down or unchanged) on a regular basis–starting with a quarterly review process–based on market conditions and economic activity. Long-term, the Upland team plans to delegate this authority to an independent third party to ensure the fairness of UPX distribution.

We're incredibly excited about the maturation of the Upland economy, and thank you all for your continued support!

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