May 18, 2023

Setting the Stage for Cafes

Upland’s vision of building the metaverse super-app is taking an exciting leap forward with the upcoming launch of immersive experiences. Having built a resilient web3 economy, a platform for 3rd party developers, a UGC ecosystem, and in-game chat, Upland is now focusing on social immersion and content opportunities. Upland has partnered with NOWHERE to launch the first immersive 3D experiences called Cafes. This exclusive Metaventure feature will mark the start of a new social engagement layer in the largest web3 metaverse! 

3D Experiences in Upland

Integrating immersive 3D indoor spaces offers endless possibilities for Upland and our community. Picture yourself in Upland exploring a museum or art gallery dedicated to your Legits, where you can engage with interactive exhibits and multimedia displays. Imagine entering a Metaventure where you can seamlessly navigate a 3D environment while browsing and purchasing products in an immersive way. This is the transformative power of 3D experiences in Upland!

Upland Cafes

The first UGC 3D experiences to be brought to Upland will be Cafes. In collaboration with our new partner, NOWHERE, Cafes will be accessible through both the mobile app and the web version of Upland, which make NOWHERE’s immersive technology a great strategic fit for Upland. These new spaces will feature your 3D avatar (along with your favorite wearables!), spatial audio, and options for owners to stream live content and curated offline content. To enhance the ambiance, each Cafe will come complete with gorgeous ‘skyboxes,’ portraying dynamic visuals of the Upland surroundings.

The rise of virtual worlds and metaverses is changing the way we interact with each other and experience the digital world. With more people spending time online, it's only natural that developers are looking for ways to create more engaging and immersive experiences.

We’re super excited about our partnership with NOWHERE and can’t wait for all of you Uplanders to experience Cafes in Upland!

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