April 15, 2024

Sparklet “AirDrop” Property Collections Launch in Upland!

Get ready for an exhilarating opportunity in Upland! We're thrilled to introduce the limited-time Air Drop collections, a special event that integrates the excitement of airdrops with property collection. Starting Monday, April 15th, at 9 AM PT, Uplanders can participate in these exclusive collections by acquiring properties on streets whose names contain "Air," "Drop," or "Spark."

Collection Details and Rewards

Each themed collection offers unique rewards and yield boosts, enhancing both your gaming experience and your portfolio:

  • AIR Streets Collection: Collect 5 properties on streets with 'air' in the name to qualify. This limited collection offers a 1.57 yield boost and a 1,600 UPX bonus.
  • DROP Streets Collection: Own 3 properties on streets with 'drop' to enter. This rare collection comes with a 2.32 yield boost and a whopping 10,800 UPX bonus.
  • SPARK Streets Collection: Acquire 3 properties on streets featuring 'spark'. Enjoy a yield boost of 2.34 and an 11,300 UPX bonus.

Players must maintain their collections for the standard holding period to receive the one-time bonus:

  • Limited Collections: Hold for 3 days
  • Rare Collections: Hold for 21 days

Please note, the snapshot for the drawing will occur before the completion of these holding periods. These temporary collections will be available until May 15th at 9AM PT.

Enter to Win a Bermuda Property

The stakes are high as each completed collection grants you one entry into a drawing to win a coveted Bermuda property. With three collections, that's three chances to win! Ensure your collections are complete by Wednesday, April 24th, at 9 AM PT, as the snapshot for the drawing will be taken sometime after that. Winners will be announced shortly after the deadline.

Remember, you must maintain ownership of the properties in the collections at the time of the snapshot to qualify for the drawing. This is your chance to boost your Upland journey with exclusive rewards and possibly add a Bermuda property to your assets.

Best of luck to all players—start building those collections now!

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