October 12, 2021

Spirit Halloween is Coming to the Metaverse

Spirit Halloween is taking over the Upland Store with spookified Block Explorers, Collectibles, and - more importantly - Structure Ornament NFTs!

As the number 1 Halloween outlet, Spirit is known for ghastly costumes, frightening decor, and an iconic assortment of spooky collectibles. Upland is proud to welcome Spirit into the metaverse for this brand new supernatural NFT experience.

Spirit’s Spookiest, Reimagined

Upland is taking Spirit’s most iconic costumes and decorations and reimagining them right inside of the metaverse! Players will now have the opportunity to collect a wide variety of Spirit-inspired NFTs, exclusively in Upland.

These NFTs will come in a few different formats, including Block Explorers, Collectibles, and Structure Ornament NFTs, which is a brand new type of NFT in Upland! 

Each of these NFTs will be classified under a different rarity. Many players are likely to collect “Uncanny” level items while “Bizarre” level items will be less common with a modest amount of owners. The few lucky players who wind up with an “Eldritch” level item will be the proud owners of the rarest Spirit NFTs in Upland.

Block Explorers

Celebrate Halloween in style with some of the most horrifying Block Explorers the metaverse has ever seen. Some block explorers will only be available via limited store sales, while others will come packaged alongside Spirit Collectibles and Ornaments.


Adorn your buildings with terrifying ornaments to truly embrace the spirit of Hallow’s Eve. Players will soon be able to “dress up” their structures with unique and exclusive ornaments for a select set of in-game Structure NFTs. There may even be a few freebies, so keep an eye out…

Note: These items will only be available for use during the Halloween Season (Oct. 25th to Nov. 8th).


Collect unique Spirit NFTs and leverage your collection to trade with other Uplanders for valuable items! Once player homes are released, these rare collectibles will make for the most ominous in-home decor around.

Freebies & The Block Explorer Sale

To kick off this exciting new collaboration, Spirit Halloween Block Explorers will be landing in the Upland Spirit Store on Monday, October 18th! This will be the only chance to get the full-body versions for Spirit Block Explorers.

During this sale, the “Midnight Vampire,” “Freakshow Clown,” and “Spider Bite Billy” Block Explorers will be available for purchase. Each item will be sold for $10, and will also include 10,000 UPX as a part of the bundle. The “Hazmat Suit” and “Plague Doctor” Block Explorers will be reserved for giveaways in the coming days.

Stay tuned for further details on registration and quantities.

Spirit Packs
Spirit NFTs will be available in the Upland store in the form of packs; similar to how 2020 NFLPA Legits were deployed. Players will be able to register for an opportunity to purchase a Spirit NFT pack which will contain a unique set of Block Explorers, Collectibles, and Ornaments. These packs will also be purchasable exclusively for UPX, directly in the Upland Spirit Store.

It’s our pleasure to welcome Spirit into the metaverse, we can’t wait to celebrate Halloween with our community!

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