October 22, 2021

Spirit Halloween Packs Are Invading the Upland Store

Spirit’s presence in the metaverse is about to get a whole lot bigger! This Tuesday, October 26th, at 9:00 AM PT, Spirit Packs will be going on sale in the Upland store. These packs will include a variety of items including Legits, Block Explorers, and most importantly, Structure Ornaments!

Registration is planned to open on Monday, October 25th, at 9:00 AM PT and Packs should be delivered within a few days.


  1. Structure Ornament NFTs are Coming! Pack Sale on Tuesday (10/26)
  2. Free Ornaments for Players with Existing Structures. Sign up Below.
  3. Spark Holders are Eligible to Claim UPX Rewards for the Spark Exchange Simulation. Sign up Below.

All Packs will contain 4 Items (Ornaments, Legits & BEs), except for the Legits pack, which contains 3 Items (Legits & BEs). Full Details in the Link Below

Please click here to view all pack contents and probabilities

Note: Spirit items will remain in the store until all items are sold out, or until the end of the day on Halloween. Unsold items will be permanently burnt. In addition, Spirit "packs" will not be tradable. The items themselves (Ornaments, Legits, & BEs) will, however, be tradable.

How will Ornaments Work?

Structure Ornament NFTs are skins for your buildings in the metaverse and allow you to apply unique visuals to your building types. After a player acquires a Structure Ornament, it will not be tethered to specific structures or properties; meaning it can be moved across player-owned buildings at will. Each version of the structure ornaments will, however, only be applicable to the type of structure it was designed for. Structure Ornaments will be viewable in your asset wallet after they have been delivered.

Spirit Ornament NFTs will be seasonal in nature, and will only be available for use during the Halloween season (Oct. 25th - Nov. 5th). Moving forward, these items will be re-enabled during the appropriate holiday seasons. Once NFT swapping is enabled, Structure Ornaments will be tradeable like any other NFT in Upland. 

Ornaments for All

In the Spirit of Halloween, Spirit will be giving away a collection of Structure Ornament NFTs! All players who own properties with an already constructed structure will be eligible to claim one free, common rarity, Spirit Structure Ornament. Spirit wants everyone to have an opportunity to celebrate the spooky season without any roadblocks.

The number of available Structure Ornaments is based on a proportion of the overall available inventory. As such, Spirit has offered a select amount of items available to claim for each type of structure. Players who register to claim an ornament will receive 1 random free ornament for a structure-type that they currently own.

Click Here to Claim Your Free Ornament

Submissions to Claim Structure Ornaments will close at the time of the sale on Tuesday, October 26th, at 9:00 AM PT.

Simulating the Spark Exchange

Upland is committed to the vision of staking Spark to craft NFTs that sit on top of the metaverse, however, structure ornaments will not require Spark staking at this time. Despite this, it does not mean that we are willing to break the rules of the Upland metaverse. 

In the ideal scenario, we could invite the community to offer up their unstaked Spark in order to rapidly deploy the Structure Ornament NFTs. But currently, we lack the mechanics to effectively reward our community for borrowing their resources. As such, we have elected to simulate this process by issuing 5,100,000 UPX to all Spark holders.

Upland will - in effect - “borrow” Spark from all Spark holders who wish to participate, and reward those players in the form of UPX.  This process simulates the functionality of the future Spark Exchange, where players will be able to rent Spark from each other in exchange for UPX.

Click Here to Sign Up

All registered Spark holders will be rewarded pro-rata, depending on the amount of Spark they currently hold (both staked and unstaked). The 5.1M UPX reward pool is based on an estimation of the required costs to build the coming Structure Ornaments. This calculation is a function of what construction would cost in UPX per Spark Hours required to build.  These rewards will be distributed only after the sale of Spirit items has concluded.

Submissions to Claim UPX Rewards will close at the time of the sale on Tuesday, October 26th, at 9:00 AM PT.

Halloween is just around the corner, we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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