March 15, 2024

Step Into the Spotlight: Upland's Inaugural Movie Premiere

In an exhilarating new chapter for Upland, we are thrilled to roll out the red carpet for our very first movie premiere. This momentous event not only marks a milestone in our journey of crafting immersive 3D experiences but also shines a spotlight on the creative talents within our community. Our collaboration with Nowhere in Upland has paved the way for introducing novel experiences, features, and architectural marvels, setting the stage for a spectacle like no other.

This premiere features the cinematic creation of Upland player and independent filmmaker, Lefthouse. Join us for an unforgettable evening and do more than just witness cinematic excellence; become a permanent part of Upland's storied history!

Movie Premiere Details

Film: Rabbit Hole

Date & Time: Monday, March 18th, 7pm PT

Location: 470 Peninsula Ave, San Francisco

New Experience

This event marks the debut of a brand-new 3D experience and building in Upland. Keep an eye out for more exciting features that will be arriving soon. The Lefthouse Theatre is already open for visits. Drop by to experience its classic style and unique atmosphere.

A Celebration of Creativity and Community

To commemorate this groundbreaking event, we're hosting a special Block Explorer sale, where a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit Lefthouse. This support extends to his film, "Rabbit Hole," his theater, as well as the celebration of this unprecedented occasion in Upland.

Registration Opens: Saturday, March 16th, 8 AM PT

Sale Starts: Sunday, March 17th, 9 AM PT

Rabbit Hole - A Journey Awaits

This premiere isn't just about witnessing a film; it's about supporting Lefthouse, championing the arts, and being part of a historic moment in Upland. Together, let's make Upland's first movie premiere an unforgettable journey into the heart of digital and creative exploration.

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