May 25, 2023

The X is Coming to Upland

The X is coming to Upland, bringing a new UDN experience! Uplanders, prepare to put your aiming skills to the test with The X's exciting new play-for-UPX game modes. The X is a revolutionary Web3 social gaming platform that bridges the Web2 gaming, military, and tactical lifestyle cultures with the advancements of Web3 technology. One of The X’s upcoming features will enable Uplanders to compete for UPX rewards within The X Range. Players will be able to immerse themselves in a captivating gaming experience as they venture into The X Range and play for UPX against fellow Uplanders. 

Read on to discover how to play for UPX in The X Range!

What is The X Range? 

The X Range is an engaging weapons training range offering players the choice to compete in either an intense 1v1 showdown or tournament mode, with the opportunity to play for UPX. To enter the X Range, players will need to visit the X MetaFort in Upland. Upon arrival, players will gain access to an interactive training range where they can put their aiming skills to the test using three weapons. Once the X Metafort has completed construction in Upland, players will be able to access the X Range by visiting the address below:

Here is the address where the X MetaFort will be located in Upland:

  • 3000 E Pioneer PKWY, Arlington, TX

The X Range will be initially launched in practice mode and will later introduce the play-for-UPX game modes. This will allow players to familiarize themselves with The X Range before competing against other Uplanders. 

How to Play For UPX in the X Range

Check out all the details below to get you fully prepared to compete for UPX in the X Range! 

X Range Passes

To participate in the play-for-UPX game modes, players will be required to purchase X Range passes and confirm their purchase on Upland. Each Range pass costs 1,000 UPX and will be consumed upon joining a play-for-UPX competition. 

Note: The practice mode of the X Range does not require X Range Passes for usage. 

How These Competitions Will Be Played

The X Range offers two competition modes: 1v1 and Tournament. Each mode has its unique opportunity for Uplanders to compete and play for UPX. In these modes, players will utilize three IRL Digital Twin Weapons to eliminate targets within a specified time limit.

1v1 Mode

The 1v1 mode in the X Range requires a single X Range Pass for participation. The timer begins when the player picks up the first weapon and ends when all three IRL Digital Twin Weapons have been used or all targets have been eliminated. Scoring is determined by a combination of the player’s completion time, the number of targets eliminated, accuracy, and precision. The victorious players with the highest score in the competition will be rewarded with a win, which can be exchanged for 1,700 UPX. In the unlikely scenario of a tie in the 1v1 mode, players will receive a refund for the X Range Pass they used.

Tournament Mode

In tournament mode, X Range Passes will be utilized to compete in the overall X Leaderboard competition. Players will aim to achieve the highest score throughout the ten-day tournament period. Similar to the 1v1 mode, scoring will also be determined by a combination of the player’s completion time, the number of targets eliminated, accuracy, and precision. The top 15 players at the end of the ten-day leaderboard period will receive a portion of the winnings based on placement. In the unlikely event of a tie in the tournament mode, the pooled UPX will be divided among the tied players.

Other Requirements

Players must have at least Uplander Status or higher to participate in the new upcoming play-for-UPX game modes.

Stay tuned to learn more about The X and their soon-to-come gaming experience, visit their website and watch the YouTube video below! 

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