June 22, 2022

Thrifty Trader Challenge: Las Vegas

[6.24.2022 UPDATE]

The Thrifty Trader Challenge Leaderboard has been updated! Check your scores below and remember that only transactions related to Las Vegas properties count! The Leaderboard updates periodically, so please check back later if your score does not appear to be up-to-date.

Keep in mind that since the scoring is percentile based, if you only made one transaction, you are likely to see "0.00%" in both the "Volume" and "Diversity" columns as you have the minimum values required to appear on the Leaderboard.


Hot on the heels of Genesis Week, the Thrifty Trader Challenge is back in Las Vegas! Starting Friday, June 24th at 9:00 AM PT, you can show everyone how thrifty you are by selling and buying properties in Las Vegas throughout the weekend. This Thrifty Trader Challenge will use the revamped scoring system that was debuted during Genesis Week and all players who place in the top 200 on the leaderboard will earn the “Las Vegas Trader” Block Explorer!

Efficiency Value

All Uplanders will receive an Efficiency Value to rank their performance during the Thrifty Trader Challenge. All property sales and purchases in Las Vegas occurring between Friday, June 24th at 9:00 AM PT and Monday, June 27th at 9:00 AM PT will qualify for the Thrifty Trader Challenge. 

Each Uplander’s Efficiency Value is a composite of their performance, relative to others on a few core metrics: 

  • Relative Profit Score - Calculates the relative value between the sale price and the 30 day* moving average of sales prices in that property’s neighborhood 
  • Relative Purchase Score -  Calculates the relative value between the purchase price and the 30 day* moving average of sales prices in that property’s neighborhood 
  • Trading Volume -  Volume of trades executed during the weekend 
  • Trading Diversity - Number of unique players the seller has traded with 

Note: 30 day moving averages only consider days when a trade occurred. Only the previous 30 “trading days” are measured. 

Each one of these metrics influence Efficiency Value for the duration of the contest. This value is a weighted function of these three metrics with 30% of the score derived from the Relative Profit Margin, 30% from Relative Purchase Value,  20% from Trading Volume, and 20% from Trading Diversity. 

Percentile-Based Scoring

Additionally, since scoring is now based on performance relative to others (in essence, percentile rank on each metric), Efficiency Values may change at the end of the Challenge if players are banned and removed from the challenge due to fraudulent activity. Trading activity will be reviewed at the conclusion of the challenge; we will announce when the leaderboard is finalized.

Only Uplanders who have a strong performance in all 4 categories will top the leaderboard. The goal of this competition is to reward Uplanders who are savvy marketplace traders, regardless of their Upland status. All Uplanders, large and small, have a realistic chance to win.

Note: Players on both the Sell side and Buy side will be scored for this contest. Properties acquired via swaps will not count. 


Trading is one of the fundamental activities in the Upland metaverse, so we wanted to make sure there’s plenty of opportunity to win a lucrative prize. The player with the highest Efficiency Value will win 250,000 UPX and 0.4 Spark! Additionally, the top 200 players with the highest Efficiency Values will receive the brand new “Las Vegas Trader” Block Explorer alongside some UPX! Winning in the Thrifty Trader Challenge is the only way to acquire this Block Explorer, so don’t miss your shot to grab one of your own. Finally, players who place in the Top 100 will also win Spark as a reward! Reward details can be found in the table below.

The Thrifty Trader Leaderboard

Similar to Thrifty Trader 2.0: Genesis Edition, we will implement a dynamic leaderboard for the Las Vegas Thrifty Trader Challenge. Data should refresh every 30 mins or so, so Uplanders will be able to get more up-to-date results of their activity and see how they rank against the competition. Check back here a bit after the challenge begins to see where you stand!

Mitigating Fraud

It’s to be expected that some players will attempt to take advantage of this type of competition to push themselves up the leaderboard. Be advised that we will be monitoring player activity very carefully. Any players suspected of fraudulent behavior will be subject to review by our data team. Offenders will be disqualified from the competition.

Please take note that this contest is still a work in progress and we’ll be carefully monitoring the results to improve the competition in the future.

Now, go show your fellow community members how Thrifty you can be!

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