September 1, 2023

Totem Mystery Pass Sale: Chapter 1, The Jungle’s Call to Adventure…

[UPDATE 9.12.23]

To celebrate the release of Chapter 1 Totems in Upland, we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting a giveaway for the exclusive Totem Wearables from Chapter 1. We’ll be giving away a total of 25 Palm Tree Wearables and 25 Dragonfly Wearables. 

To participate, all you need to do is visit our Gleam page for the Totem Wearable Giveaway and complete the tasks listed there. The giveaway is already underway and will end on Friday, September 15th, at 9 AM PT

Best of luck to all participants!

Note: Each player is eligible to win only one Wearable in this giveaway.

Click here to head to the Gleam page to enter the Totem Wearable Giveaway

Preview of Palm Tree Wearable

Preview of Dragonfly Wearable

We can’t wait to see the lucky Uplanders who win and dress their 3D avatars in these fantastic Totem Wearables!


[UPDATE 9.11.23]

The Totem Pass Exchange is now open! If you hold a Chapter 1 Totem Mystery Pass, you can exchange it to get your Totem!


[UPDATE 9.2.23]

To ensure a smooth Totem Mystery Pass Sale, we've decided to postpone it by one day. Registration will now open on Monday, September 4th, at 8 AM PT, and the sale will start on Tuesday, September 5th, at 9 AM PT. We greatly appreciate your patience with us!



And so the real adventure begins… Chapter 1.

We’ve seen so many of you talk about Totems since we’ve announced. You all have literally created so much excitement that we’re even more anxious to get this first Drop underway.  As many of you know, Chapter 1 Totem Life Forms, featuring the Dragonfly and Palm Tree, are currently being manufactured. This means it’s time to announce the first Totem Mystery Pass sale! Registration for this first sale will open on Monday, September 4th, at 8 AM PT, and the sale will begin on Tuesday, September 5th, at 9 AM PT. 

Totem Pass Sale Details

During this sale, players will get a chance to buy a Totem Mystery Pass, which can later be exchanged for a Totem. Please note that the exchange to reveal your Totem will not occur until all the Passes in the first Chapter have been distributed, and all the Totems from the sale have been fully manufactured. The Upland team will notify the entire community when each chapter’s Totem Pass exchange is enabled. 

All Totem holders will be given a starting PROTEM balance prior to the initiation of the first life cycle. The first life cycle is not expected to start until all Totems have been distributed. 

All Totems are guaranteed to have a minimum of three life cycles, with the timing determined by the Upland team. Additional life cycles may be added at the discretion of the Upland team and may be altered compared to the initial cycles. 

To participate in the sale, players must register for it on the mobile or web version of the Upland Store within the registration period. The Totem Mystery Passes will be available for purchase in limited quantities and can be bought using either USD or UPX. 

For more details about the sale, please refer to the information provided below.

Registration Opens: Monday, September 4th, at 8 AM PT

Registration Closes: Tuesday, September 5th, at 8 AM PT

Sale Starts: Tuesday, September 5th, at 9 AM PT

Totem Pass Prices for UPX: 55,000

Totem Pass Quantities for UPX: 582

Totem Pass Prices for USD: $55

Totem Pass Quantities for USD: 582

Note: A cooldown period between purchases will be enforced for those interested in buying multiple Passes

Dragonfly Preview

Palm Tree Preview

Learn More About Totems

To learn more about Totems, be sure to check out the Totem Wiki. Here, you'll discover in-depth insights into how you will eventually power the lifecycle of your Totems and grasp the intricacies of Totem Traits. It’s important to acknowledge that the Totem Wiki is not entirely revealed, and we’ll unveil additional details as more Totems are revealed. Please visit the Totem landing page to stay updated on future Chapter releases.

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